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Help get EDA to Malaysia’s USLS

A project by: Eliminating Domestic Abuse (EDA)

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Help support EDA get to the 10th University Scholars Leadership Symposium (USLS).

WE NEED YOUR  HELP TO GET TO MALAYSIA'S 10th University Scholars Leadership Symposium (USLS)


Eliminating Domestic Abuse (EDA) have been invited by Humanitarian Affairs Asia in cooperation with the Government of Malaysia to the 10th University Scholars Leadership Symposium (USLS) - an international development program hosted annually to gather together world youth leaders who are passionate about positive social change. This year’s 10th edition of the symposium is held in Kuala Lumpur from the 1st to 7th of August and offers an opportunity for 1,500 youth leaders to come together and partake in talks, panels and discussions hosted by leading humanitarian/ philanthropic founders, presidents and CEOs from all over the world.

USLS offers a once in a life time opportunity for attendees to network with notable and active members of the philanthropic community and an up and coming community of youth leaders from all around the world which in turn aims to promote a collective awareness of ongoing campaigns, events and projects at an international level and, in turn, aims to facilitate positive social change regarding internationally recognised humanitarian concerns.

If you want to see more about the USLS, and what USLS has in store for its attendees, visit their website here: http://www.universityscholars.org.uk 


Our hope is that the USLS will enable EDA a platform to spread our message and help us encourage others to consider how they can raise awareness and promote conversation surrounding the taboos of domestic abuse, the issues surrounding it and – the prevalence of such issues within a university setting.

Being one of the UoY's smaller societies we are incredibly humbled to have been elected by Humanitarian Affairs Asia in cooperation wiht the Malaysian government to represent the university and United Kingdom at the symposium and hope that this will aid our cause and encourage individuals (both inside and outside of the university) to realise the prevalence of domestic abuse and in turn, provoke action and change.


By accepting this invitation EDA is able to benefit not only the individuals directly attending the event, but EDA’s society members and the wider UoY’s student body. Information acquired and learnt at the event, be that through panels, discussion and/ or workshops, will directly be fed back into university life following the event – and will take the form of:

Conferences, Discussion and Debates: We aim to create a wealth of strong contacts whist at the event that we hope will be keen to partake in virtual conferences, discussions and or debates regarding issues and concerns within the humanitarian community that collectively we can open a dialogue about.

Workshops: Utilising skills learnt at workshops attended at the symposium attendees of the event can pass on techniques, ideas and/ or practises that aspiring individuals can use consciously in their own lives; whether it be directed towards helping themselves, their loved ones or the general public (within their furture careers).

Informative Talks: Information learnt at the event regarding current endeavours, campaigns and concerns within the humanitarian community can be passed on to students and collectively we can begin to think about how most effectively we can contribute towards and aids such endeavours.

Fundraisers: We can work as a university based community to hold fundraiser on behalf of national and/ or international charities and organisations that we believe we at the UoY can actively help/ aid.

Furthermore, we aim that contacts acquired through networking will go on to be of longstanding benefit to students and the University alike. We aims to forge partnerships and or collaborative relationships with individuals, and organisations met throughout our time in Malaysia that we hope will go on to provide opportunities for students who want to take an active role in humanitarian affairs and/ or who hope to work within this industry after university (with potential work opportunities, exchanges or internships with globally established and recognised foundations, companies and organisations).


The invitation, which has been extended to four of our committee members, requires a total investment of £6000 (which covers flights and individual registrations fees for the event: which includes accomodation, internal travel, meals and entry to all events) – which for a non-profit organisation is a pretty hefty sum to amount in a such a small space fo time. Thus, aside from the cake stalls and coffee stands we will be putting together over the course of this term to help fundraise (and help ease everyone through the stresses of the exam period) we are looking for donations and support from you, our friends, family and fellow students at the University of York to help enable us to get to the symposium.

Whether you’re able to give monetarily, share our fundraising links on Facebook or simply take the time to read this page we humbly and sincerely thank you for your efforts and hope we are able to do you proud.


To follow us and keep an eye on our campaign, what we're doing and where we're at, follow us on our facebook page or email us directly:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/edauoy/ 

Email: edayork@yusu.org