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Finding Gary

A project by: Alisha Kinkead-Weekes


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This project received pledges on Wed 09 Jan 2019
Sometimes it can take losing someone to really find yourself.


When Tracy, an introverted and mild-mannered carer, is transferred to Newby Residential, she meets the brash and larger-than-life OAP Pauline, whose obsession with finding Gary leads the unlikely duo to plot and execute an elaborate escape.

Finding Gary is charming story of love, loss, and the power of unlikely friendships. We hold this project close to our hearts and see it as a chance to push ourselves and use the skills we’ve honed during our last three years as Film and Television BSc students at the University of York.

A heart-warming story at the centre of a passion project, Finding Gary needs your help to come to life.


We’re a team of passionate and driven students from the Department of Theatre, Film and Television and between us we’ve worked on dozens of short films and some larger scale productions. Now it’s our time to shine by helping a brilliant story come to life and making something to truly be proud of.

DIRECTOR – Anna St Pierre   |   PRODUCER – Alisha Kinkead-Weekes


PRODUCTION MANAGER / 1st AD – Morgane Willer  |  SOUND DESIGNER – Haena Cho

EDITOR – Millie Sharratt  | PRODUCTION DESIGNER – Elvie Litherland


With a focus on professionalism our film aims to be ambitious, so we’ve got the budget to match. As we’re based in York, we’re also aiming to keep the production close to home so we'll be shooting and sourcing in and around the area.

Your donations will help to cover creative and logistical aspects of the production, but here’s a quick breakdown:

Production £150

  • This will cover logistical costs including printing and consumables (e.g. tape, batteries, pens etc.)

Costume + Props £350

  • This will cover purchasing vital pieces which will help the characters and story come to life, bringing a strong look and feel to the project.

Location £600

  • This is mainly to cover the cost of renting space to shoot in.

Catering £400

  • We have a big cast and crew to feed across 6 shooting days (and need to have a steady flow of tea and coffee too!)

Transport £350 (crew) £300 (cast)

  • This covers the cost of getting cast and crew to and from / between sets and locations.

Festivals £150

  • Once our project is complete we want to get it out into the wider industry, so this will cover entry fees to various short film festivals.

Contingency £200

  • No matter how carefully we plan, we would like to have some spare cash to cover the costs of accidents and emergencies- it's always good to be prepared!

(Based on a budget of £2500)

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We’ll be posting behind the scenes updates and sneak peaks so don’t miss out!

A final note...

Even if you can’t donate all support is appreciated, from donating as little as £1 to a follow or share our social media pages. We can't make this film without your support.

Thank you for all your support. We can’t wait to get started!