Got an idea? YuStart it!

YuStart is the University of York’s very own crowdfunding platform. It allows students and members of the University to develop their interests and to pursue creative and entrepreneurial projects. These great projects make a difference to the lives of their fellow students, the University and the wider community.

Through YuStart we’ve shifted the power into your hands. Whether you’re a student, a team or a member of staff, YuStart can help you change the world one donation at a time.

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What kinds of project are suitable for YuStart?

Projects can be about almost anything. They should focus on the benefit they will provide to students, the University or the wider community. There are a few rules – check our guidelines here to make sure your project is suitable

Crowdfunding can be fast, efficient and effective when done right but project success depends on you. The more dedicated, creative and organised you and your team are, the more successful your project is likely to be, and the more fun you will have!

Still not sure if YuStart is right for you? Contact the YuStart team here!

Other funding sources

If you have an idea for a commercial enterprise, then we recommend you engage with the University's Enterprise team, which includes access to Proof of Concept funding.

If your idea will benefit groups or communities outside of the University then you may wish to refer to York Students in Communities for access to the Community Fund and further guidance on effective working in this field.