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Stories from those who still dream during their darkest times.

DREAMERS  is a short documentary which provides a platform for refugees to talk about their dreams and aspirations throughout their lives.

Refugee - a person who has escaped from their own country for political, religious, or economic reasons or because of a war.*

We all know the definition. We've all seen the news coverage and heard the statistics. But how many of us know anything about who they are, or what they have achieved, instead of just the label they have been given?


Dreamers will create a space for refugees to tell us who they are, and not just what they have been through. Multiple participants will finally be in charge of telling their whole story, informing us through in-depth interviews of the dreams they had as children, and how they have changed overtime. Aiming to combat the typical poverty porn that dominates our screens.

We are also aware of the bravery of our participants when acknowledging the subject matter, and are committed to dealing with it carefully- sourcing guidance from professionals. 

As important as it is to report the facts and disasters that occur far too often in this world, it's time to voice an alternative perspective by finally telling a story that highlights hope in the face of crisis, not the crisis itself. We want to give a voice to the people that remain resilient to these crisis', and instead let them inspire us with their achievements and dreams for the future. But to make this possible, we need money. And this is where you can help. 

meet the team...

We are five devoted BSc Film and Television production students in our final year at the University of York. However, this film means much more to us than just being another project we take part in - we want to make a difference and provide a voice to those who can inspire and teach us on what it means to be resilient. 

Where will your money go?

  • Transport and Accommodation (£720)

Without our inspiring contributors, this documentary wouldn't be possible. Throughout the process we want to support them in the best way we can- ensuring they are well looked after and never out of pocket. In order to achieve this it will make up a substantial part in our budget. 

  • Catering (£350)

A well fed crew is a happy and productive crew. 

  • Location Expenses (£660)

We want to film in the most magnificent and open spaces to give our contributors a sense of power when owning the space they tell their stories in, so will need the best locations to do so!

  • Production Design (£200)

Props and resources to dress and make each location as good as it can be- giving our participants a beautiful space to tell their stories in. 

  • Additional Equipment (£200)

We are very fortunate to be provided with essential equipment from the department. However, reaching our maximum target will allow us to hire specialist equipment that will improve the overall look and quality of the film.

  • General and Administrative (£170)

These expenses include any smaller necessities we need for filming- from photocopying to hard drives to gaffer tape!

  • Contingency (£200)

Insurance money kept back to ensure that any unexpected alterations are covered for. For example, a location or filming day falling through, or having to book last minute accommodation. 

Every penny you donate will help us bring these plans to life! Our minimum target (£2090) will allow the film to be possible in its most basic form. However, if you help us reach our maximum target (£2500), Dreamers will reach its full potential, including us being able to employ a professional composer to create an effective soundtrack! 

follow the filmmaking

If you would like to know more about the progression of Dreamers, please follow our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account, where we will keep you up-to-date on behind the scenes photos, introducing our crew members and general updates on our participants and the themes we will be acknowledging. 

Help us succeed!

Every donation, big or small, is vital in bringing us closer to giving our participants a voice when telling their stories, and will make this film a reality! 

Even if you're unable to donate, all support is appreciated! Therefore, it would be so helpful if you make sure to follow any of our social media platforms above and spread the word. For every share that is seen, we become one step closer to telling a story that matters.

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If you are a UK tax payer you are eligible for gift aid! It will cost you no extra, and the government will add 25% to your donation. All you have to do is tick the gift aid box. 

Thank you for all of your support!


*Cambridge English Dictionary