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A project by: Sing song Society



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The Christmas concert by sing song society.

A short summary of our project

We are raising money for our society so that we can continue to run but still keeping our costs to students down.

Who are you?

We are an acapella society at the University of York. We take pride in being an accessible society and reduce the costs from our members. Donations are crucial to the continued running of our society so we can continue to run our choir and our socials.

our story

Sing song soc is an acapella choir based at the University of York. We pride ourselves on being an accessible choir and part of that is by keeping our costs for our members down as much as possible. Any money you can give will be instrumental in letting us carry on running.

"I love sing song Soc because everyone is friendly and welcoming and as a first year I love that. I also love the variety of songs that we do! The society is such a welcoming place and any monetary aid would be much appreciated so we can keep doing what we’re doing."-Abigail

“I love how open and inclusive Sing Song Soc is, anyone can join with any level of prior ability and just join in. We have a lot of fun, and are very supportive of one another.”-Chris

Where will the money go?

As a society we do our best to keep our running costs down while still being an inclusive society. We print all of our music for our members as well as having online versions available. To make it easier for some members we will print our music in larger sizes or on different coloured pieces of paper to make reading it easier.

With the current cost of living crisis and the high cost of living in the York area we try to be aware of the financial difficulties our members face and by keeping our costs down we can provide a fun environment to unwind without having to worry about how to pay for it.

This year as our previous pianist has left he have had to hire her for our all day rehearsal and concert which put a considerable dent in our finances. Currently the expense of hiring a pianist has meant we have not been able to run our socials as we normally do.

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