Equity in summer research and technical experiences

Summer studentships offer an exciting chance for undergraduates...

to experience biological research.  Access to these programmes is crucial if students want to be competitive with their peers in areas including continuing in higher education (research masters and PhD programmes), graduate research and technician positions, the graduate industrial and pharmaceutical job market, and health and medicine.  It also offers the student a chance to gain authentic experience in a scientific lab while undertaking a novel research project. This benefits both the student and the lab in generating new ideas, data, and employability opportunities. Historically, these valuable experiences have been primarily available to confident students from higher socioeconomic backgrounds. Students with ‘low social capital’, or students with protected characteristics, often do not apply or do not win these opportunities due to financial restrictions, lack of support, or problems with the usual selection procedures. This results in these students finding further education and roles in the science industry harder to access.

Our GenerationResearch summer studentship programme is working to change this by creating processes that encourage applications from all, provide funds, training, and mentorship to support all appointed students, and create programme visibility to ensure equity to all current and future participants.

Where will the money go?

The money will go towards a studentship, including consumables and to help pay students the living wage. 

 “Absolutely invaluable experience to learn how to do research from a professional [..] it has increased my employability enormously” Elena, 2021

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