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Global Development Research in Ghana!

A project by: GlobalDev2022


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Support our team to carry out development field research in Accra, Ghana!


Welcome to our crowdfunding page!

We are aiming to raise £5000 towards our once in a lifetime field research trip to Ghana in 2023. Within the group, we are conducting research in the development field. Topics include environmental, social, and political challenges, including urbanisation, education, and climate change.

This trip will provide us with experience in on-the-ground research in a developing country, which is an invaluable opportunity as placements in this field are hard to come by.

So, please donate now to help us reach our goal!

Who are we?

We are a group of 11 undergraduates at the University of York. Studying Global Development, we are all compelled by the complexities of global challenges and are passionate about creating a sustainable and equitable future for all.

our story

We are the FIRST Global Development students EVER to go on an international research trip with UoY!

We will be carrying out field research across several development fields. This incredible opportunity will enhance current research within the Global South. Our vital research into past, present, and future development issues, will help us in our aim to gain insights into challenges, trade-offs, and potential solutions to:

  • Urban development
  • Socio-economic development
  • Climate change and its impacts & challenges
  • Education and development
  • Colonial legacies

This research trip is extremely important as it will enhance our employability, broaden our perspectives on global issues, and contribute to the evolution of development studies and future policymaking.

Sponsoring our research is an amazing opportunity for you to contribute towards the progressiveness of development studies, both at York and beyond. You will be contributing to improvements in how the Global North approaches global development challenges, particularly those in the Global South.

Where will the money go?

Your donations will contribute towards:

  • Costs for transport, accommodation, explorations and research coordination
  • Exploring Accra and Cape Coast, and their histories to gain contextual insights for field research
  • Original dissertation research development
  • Primary data collection
  • Research assistance from the University of Ghana
  • Translators and research assistants

In addition to this, the group will spend 2 days volunteering at a local NGO (charity) that operates within Ghana to support development of local people and areas. For development studies, it's vital that we understand the work that NGOs do on the ground and to support local organisations and civil societies in their plight for equitable development.


You may be SUPER interested to know that we have secured match funding for our crowdfunding project! For the first £1,000 that we raise through your generous donations, we have secured £1,000 of match funding from YuFund and the Department of Politics! This means, the first £1,000 of your generous donations will be WORTH DOUBLE! Awesome, right?!


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Help us succeed!

  • Please donate anything you can to support this important research! This will enable us to carry out important work in a developing country
  • Support us in developing our professional research experience which will be extremely useful as we work towards careers in the field
  • These opportunities don’t come along very often to carry out on-the-ground research – we need your help to get us there
  • Donating money isn’t the only way to help us succeed! Simply sharing this project with anyone you know who could support us is a great help! You can do this on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, email, or ANYWHERE you can think of!