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Life's A Drag

A project by: Will Bramall and Sarah Maguire


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Following drag artists' lives beyond the stage

“Life’s a Drag”

In a year where drag artists have simultaneously met political oppression and mainstream acclaim, we want to bring clarity to this misrepresented community

Who are we?

We are a group of 3rd-year Film and Television students at the University of York, creating this documentary because we want to represent the real stories of the drag artists who dedicate their lives to this craft.

We are aiming to raise £2250 to create a brand new documentary that will follow drag artists out of the spotlight and discover the humanity behind the extraordinary personas, and the grit that shapes the glamour.

Any donation you are able to make to help us reach this goal would be much appreciated.

Meet the team

Meet the team behind Life’s a Drag! We are all working hard to bring this documentary to life. Meet; (back row left to right) Will Bramall (Director), Harmony Healey (Editor), Gala Moore (Sound Supervisor), (bottom row left to right) Sarah Maguire (Producer), and Jasmine Mizra (Director of Photography)!

Our story

We believe we can document footage that can break stereotypes and assumptions that people may have about drag artists, and bring down barriers by delving into their life behind the stage. We want to intimately portray the lives of drag artists off stage and explore the history and reality of the modern UK Drag scene.

Budget Breakdown

Our fundraised money will go towards the many requirements of creating a production - all documentaries come at a cost. We need funds for travel, catering, accommodation and much more.

If your generosity exceeds, we can take our finished documentary to film festivals and other external promotion opportunities, distributing our documentary even further afield.

By donating to this project, you can help make this documentary happen. We can't do this without you.

For updates on how we will spend donated money, you can find us on Instagram at @lifesadrag_doc


We have some amazing rewards lined up for donors, which you can find alongside this page. Some of these include an exclusive screening with a crew Q&A, behind-the-scenes footage, and your very own credit!

Find us here

Instagram - @lifesadrag_doc

Email - uoydragdoc@gmail.com

Help us succeed!

We know not everybody might be able to donate, but just sharing this page with your friends and loved ones would be an amazing help in funding this documentary. Sharing it on Facebook, Instagram, or anywhere you could think of would help this team out incredibly. We would love any donations to help us make this project happen.

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