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Poles Apart

A project by: Tash Fieldsend


WE RAISED £2,601

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Pensioners vs Pole Dancers. Who will win?

our story

Poles Apart is a heartfelt drama-comedy that needs your help!

When an offended Maureen discovers the church hall that hosted her monthly knitting group has been turned into a scandalous pole dancing bar, her displeased elderly knitting circle schemes to host a sit-in. They knit in the middle of the bar all night, to deter any customers and prevent their town attracting any ‘anti-Christian’ behaviour. However, she forms an unlikely friendship with Siobhan, lead dancer and owner of the club.

Created by 3rd Year Film and Television Students at the University of York, we are extremely passionate about exploring the generational divide through an empathetic lens and empowering women of all ages to own their sexuality! At its core we want to tell a story of friendship and womanhood.

To fund the creation of this original short, we are aiming to raise £2,500. By donating, you are contributing to bringing a typically untold celebration of older women’s identity to life. Any help is highly appreciated, no matter the amount! Even sharing our link will go a long way.

Meet The Team

That’s us! We are a tight knit team (no pun intended) of passionate film students, who are so excited to collaborate on this project. Within our specialisms we can't wait to delve into the world of Poles Apart and bring the characters we've become so fond of to life.

Where will your money go?

Locations (£800)

As you can imagine, the newly renovated bar is a key aspect to our film. It’s become almost a character itself. We intend to shoot the majority of our film in this location, so a large portion of your donations will go towards finding the perfect place.

Production Design (£700)

A large portion of our budget will also be used for design and costume. What is a film about pole dancing without a pole afterall! Our location requires lots of fun set dressing to create the atmosphere of the church-turned-bar we have all come to love in the pre-production process. Also, yarn! We will need lots of yarn for all the knitted garments for the dancers to wear.

Travel + Accommodation (£400)

A portion of our budget will be needed to hire accommodation and transport for our team and cast. As well as ensuring equipment makes it to set safely each day, and the production runs smoothly.

Catering (£350)

For our film there will be a fairly large cast, and we intend to provide warm meals to those young and old. As well as lots of snacks and hot drinks.

Contingencies (£250)

As filmmaking can be unpredictable, we want to be as prepared as possible so we are allowing space in our budget to overcome any worst-case scenarios that might unfold.

Our Socials

Instagram: @PolesApartFilm

Tiktok: @PolesApartFilm

Email: Polesapartfilm@gmail.com

Please get in touch if you have any questions and we would love for you to follow us on social media! We will be posting lots of content throughout our production process and would love for you to become part of our journey.

Please Share!

We understand that not everyone can support us financially, so we ask you to spread the word instead! Tell your friends, co-workers and Grandparents (trust us, they’ll love it). The more people we can reach, the closer we come to bringing the characters and world we have become so fond of to life.