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Pritchard Family Portrait - Short Film

A project by: Charlotte Pye


WE RAISED £2,500

from 42 donors

Posing for a family portrait is never easy, especially when your parents are dead...

Why  should you get involved?

We're aiming to raise £2500 to help fund our short film 'Pritchard Family Portrait'. We hope to tell a story of familial bonds, love and healing through the medium of supernatural and psychological horror. Our amazingly talented creative team has taken inspiration from all your favourite horror writers and directors, such as Tim Burton and Mike Flanagan, in order to create a film that disturbs, unsettles and delights you. With increasing rewards for supporters, it's a great opportunity to lend a helping hand whilst getting something in return!

Who  are we?

The 'Pritchard Family Portrait' team is a group of third-year Film and Television Production students at the University of York. This will be our final project with the university and we're so excited to share our creativity and passion for storytelling with you. 


WHAT  Is the film about?

Posing for a family portrait is never easy, especially when your parents are dead. In this horror short, children’s psychologist Emily Pritchard is forced to confront the ghosts of her past when her estranged parents are brought back from the grave to capture the perfect family portrait they never managed to get in life. 

HOW  will Your money Help us?

Pritchard Family Portrait is an ambitiously maximalist film so we are hoping to raise £2500 with your help. Here is our breakdown of how your donations will be used:

Locations: £800

Pritchard Family Portrait is based in one location - an old-fashioned manor house. With your help, we will be able to secure a location that fits our creepy aesthetic and will accommodate the needs and safety of our cast and crew.

Production Design: £500

Just like Emily Pritchard's parents, we need to bring this film to life. We can't do that without production design. We have designated this money to create key aspects of the film such as two coffins, the set for the perfect family portrait and the materials to make Emily's parents look like they have risen from the grave. 

Travel and Accommodation: £500

Everyone needs to get to set somehow! This money will be used to cover the cast and crew's travel and, if needed, accommodation. 

Catering: £350

It's hard work making a film, especially when you're hungry! 

Contingencies: £350

We may be making a scary film, but we don't have to be scared of running out of money. If things go wrong, we have a contingency budget to make sure the film can still go ahead! We're not planning any mishaps, but it's nice to know we're covered!

WHERE  CAN you Find us?

You now know all about the project! So where can you keep updated with our progress? 

Instagram - @pritchardfamilyportrait

TikTok - @pritchardfamilyportrait

Facebook - pritchardfamilyportrait

Help us succeed!

If you can't donate to Pritchard Family Portrait, you can still help! Head over to our socials to stay updated and to find out other ways you can get involved! Sharing our posts and talking to others about our project will help us in creating the best film possible!

thank You!