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This project received donations on Wed 08 Jan 2020

THE ART OF THE LIE  is a short musical by a group of dedicated film students from all over the world.

Twenty years after her final show, Allison Parker, a former magician’s assistant, must face the man who wronged her in order to overcome her own cynicism and fall in love with magic again.  

We aim to portray the emotional journey of a character whose cynicism has held her back for the majority of her life. It’s about rediscovering the passion that she thought she had lost long ago through the combination of magic, singing and dancing.

We are incredibly excited to bring Allison's story to life, but we need your help and support. Every Pound, Euro, New Taiwan Dollar, Yuan and Forint will help us make the magic happen.   

Who are WE?

We are a group of international students who are all very passionate about musicals. We cannot wait to bring this magical story to your screen! 

Where will the money go?

  • Transportation - £350
  • Production Design - £500
  • Location - £470
  • Catering - £500
  • Cast Expenses - £350
  • Additional Equipment - £80
  • Contingency - £250

(Based on a budget of £2,500)

This ambitious project cannot be achieved without your help. Your donations will be going towards funding our theatrical sets, our showbiz costumes, our big dance numbers and our full-length soundtrack. 

Find us here

If you’re interested in being updated about The Art of the Lie, please follow us on Facebook and Instagram. And, we would really appreciate it if you could share our project with your friends and family. The more people know, the more likely we are to make this film as brilliant as we want it to be. And, it is all thanks to your help!

Thank you for your support, 

The Art of The Lie crew