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Recording the Theatre production "Company"

A project by: Anna Gallon

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Completion Date: Sat 16 Jul 2022
Help me fundraise for my final Masters project!

About my project!

The idea for Company began in March when I pitched the show with Producer, Anna Clark, and Musical Director, Jack Askew, for Central Hall Musical Theatre Society. We were incredibly thrilled to bring Steven Sondheims's multi-award winning show to life at Theatre@41 in York from June 16th-18th. We underwent a 9 week rehearsal process along with out 16-member cast and 25-member production team. 

The show itself is incredible, following the development of Bobby, the main protagonist, through conversations with his married friends, discovering what it ultimately means to live with someone and without. Audiences of the production loved the immersive approach we took to the show and we received 5-star reviews as seen in the York Vision post: https://www.yorkvision.co.uk/scene/stage/the-immersive-world-of-central-hall-musical-societys-company/19/06/2022 

After the success of directing Company for Central Hall Musical Theatre Society, I am continuing the project for my dissertation, exploring the transferability of live musical theatre to the film form. I will be recording a section of the show in a live studio setting to see if I can capture the same energy as the live production. Not only is this my final project at University, but it is a massive passion project for myself, spending 6 months developing both the live and recorded versions of the show. The show has never been recorded before in this style and I truly believe it will be an incredible experience for everyone involved.

My love completely lies with directing and musical theatre and I plan to use the project as part of a portfolio for future work, hopefully increasing opportunities before I move to London in September. 

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About me

My name is Anna and I am an MA Film and Television with Directing student. I have been studying at the University of York for four years, completing and undergraduate degree in English Literature as well as my Masters. 

During my undergrad, I spent much of my free time producing and directing shows for Central Hall Musical Theatre Society. I came to love directing and wanted to pursue it professionally, hence my MA choice. I cannot wait to put everything I have learned at uni into this final project.

my story

What am I doing and why?

My project focuses on transferring the methods of making musical theatre across to that of film production. In the field of recording theatre productions, the director of the theatre and filmed versions differ. Having experience in both fields, I want to explore how directing the original theatre production impacts directing the cameras and crew on set. This is not the normal protocol yet I believe that this could form a new way of combining theatre and film as I hope to pursue it and develop this idea outside of university.     

Why is this important to me?

This is an incredibly important project to me because it is my final submission at university. I really want to ensure that, with proper funding, I can make this a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone who has been kind enough to offer their time and get involved. 

Why should you donate?

Any donation, no matter the size, will ensure I can carry out this project to the best of my ability. I am developing this project on my own and am quite out of my depth taking the reins of producing it too. The donations will mean that I can go forward with the project from a logistical stand point whilst also ensuring the cast and crew are fed and looked after on set.

Where will the money go?

  • The bulk of the funding will go towards covering travel costs of the cast and crew who have been kind enough to take days off work to come back to York and help me with the project.
  • If I hit the full target, the remainder of the money will go towards lighting, costume and set costs, all of which would be funded by myself otherwise.
  • Travel expenses (petrol and train tickets for 8 people): £300
  • Food for cast and crew (15 people for 3 days): £180
  • Lighting costs (daily rate of techsoc plus additional LEDs): £250
  • Costume, additional set, and props: £70


  •  £10 donation = access to the finished film with Vimeo code. This project will not officially be published so with this donation, you will have access to the private file.
  • £25 = opportunity to be present for the live recording on the 18th July in the Scenic Stage in TFTI.

sneak peak into the live production!


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