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BANSHEE - Short Film

A project by: Shannon Kirrane


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Close your eyes, cover your ears and hope she doesn't find you.


The Story

Imogen and her mother Bethea are escaping the clutches of the Banshee – a terrifying supernatural predator. While escaping they come across an abandoned house and take shelter – only for the monster to invade and take Bethea away. Imogen sets out in search of her mother; traversing the eerie forest and escaping the horrifying monster. But to save her mother and defeat the creature Imogen will have to go further than she ever thought possible.

Banshee is a story about family and fear. The feelings that hold us down and forces that oppress us, and how family and love can surpass even the most terrible of circumstances.

Our project is not only a frightening and intense horror film but a subversive one. Casting both the hero and monster as women is an unfortunate rarity in the genre. Our emphasis is on balancing the terror of the horror elements with a moving and compelling story about family and sacrifice. However our project is incredibly ambitious, and we’ll need your help in order to make it a reality.

Our Team

We are a team of final year BSc Film and Television Production Students. In October this year we embarked on this ambitious project and by April it will be complete. Between us we have experience in dozens of short films as well as professional productions and we firmly believe that Banshee will be the apex of our careers thus far, but your kind donations are a key part of making this happen.

Where will your money go?

Location: ~ £200

We’re shooting the film in Allerthorpe woods in East-Riding of Yorkshire – a beautiful and potentially haunting place. Furthermore, we will also be needing a dilapidated house for the home invasion sequence. Your money will go towards securing these locations and making them a hospitable environment for our 6 day shoot – without them we have no film.

Travel: ~£300

Although our team is based in York we will still need to book transport for ourselves and our extensive equipment.

Cast: £600

Many donations will go towards supporting our cast members; covering their travel, accommodation, and expenses. Our actresses are incredibly important to us and we want to ensure their comfort, so it’s essential for us to reach out target.

Catering: ~£200

Food and drink are essential on a film set and ours is no exception. Our shoot is more strenuous than most so it’s imperative that our team has as much support as possible.

Production Design: £500

Perhaps the most visceral result of your generous donations is the expansive production design of the film. The forest and dilapidated house will require extensive modelling and careful adjustment. Each character will have their own wardrobe and extensive makeup. Perhaps the greatest example is the Banshee herself – needing extensive costume design, full body paint and detailed prosthetics to create her monstrous visage.

Additional Equipment: £400

Our shoot will be technically complex and requires more equipment on top of the kit that we have already secured in order to safely navigate the forest while getting beautiful shots.

Contingency: £300

In case of emergency or unforeseen complications.

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Help us succeed!

   It is only with your help that we can make this project.

All donations are welcome, and we are so thankful for anything you can gift! This project would be impossible without your help.

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Thank you for your consideration and generosity.