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CHMS' amazing production of the fun, cheerful and heartfelt musical!

A Short Summary of our Project

We’re raising money to help fund Central Hall Musical Society’s production of Legally Blonde, which will be performed towards the end of next February. It’s going to be an absolutely amazing show, with a show-stopping cast, brilliant visuals and a great message to top it all off! If you're kind enough to donate you will help us to buy equipment, costumes and set pieces that will all contribute to making it the best show possible, so please give as little or as much as you can!

Who are you?

My name is Lucy, and I’m just one of several production team members and cast that are working hard to make this show a reality. We’re all students or alumni at the University of York, and all the money raised from the show goes back into CHMS, which helps create more shows in the future! Months of hard work go into every single one of these productions, and we’re all putting in the effort now to producing a great show in a few months! 

our Story-What are we doing and why?

We’ll be putting on an all-singing, all-dancing performance Laurence O’Keefe and Neil Benjamin’s musical adaptation of Amanda Brown’s novel, Legally Blonde. The musical follows Elle Woods, a pink-obsessed fashion merchandising student all the way from her sorority house to the halls of Harvard Law, as she works to win back the heart of her ex-boyfriend. As she goes she learns the value of determination and self-confidence, and just how important it is to stand up for what you believe in. It’s a hilarious musical filled with everything from work-out routines, to tiny pet dogs, to murder trials, so no matter what you like to see onstage there’s something for everyone! 

our Story: Why is this important to us?

Apart from being ridiculously fun to perform, part of what makes Legally Blonde so special is the message it imparts to those who see it. As we watch Elle Woods grow, we learn with her to never judge a book by it’s cover, and that we should never underestimate just what we’re capable of. It’s an inspiring musical that will have you cheering on your feet by the end regardless of who you are, and we would be so excited to have you on the journey with us! 

our Story: Why should it be important to a donor? What impact will they have by giving money? 

By donating to our YuStart page, you’ll be helping us raise as much money as possible that we can then put towards making the show as professional as possible. Whether you are a family member or friend to someone from the cast or production team, or just someone interested in the show, the money you would be donating goes towards buying those finishing touches that take a show from being good to being perfect (all those pink-based outfit ensembles don’t come cheap). We’re all so grateful for any help and support, and rest assured we will make every penny donated count!

Where will the money go?

If we are able to reach our target it would go a long way to enabling us to  finance the show. Everything from costume to set to cast transport and venue hire needs to be self funded and generous donations would be a fabulous way to help us to secure this finance on top of our own fundraising. 


We appreciate every donor and will be giving out a series of rewards from social media shoutouts to having your name in our on the night program. We are even giving away tickets to the final show so that should you donate you can come and see how much you have helped us achieve our perfect vision of this fantastic show. 

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Help us succeed!

Even if you can't donate it would be fantastic if you could share our project and vision and help us to reach as many people within the university and beyond to come and see all the hard work that everyone involved has put in. We also have tickets on sale from the website so coming along and supporting that way would also be greatly appreciated.