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CHMS Presents : RENT

A project by: Jack Baldwin



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Central Hall Musical Society Presents their latest show: RENT!

Hi! We are the production team behind CHMS' upcoming Summer Show, RENT! The cast will be performing at 41 Monkgate, York from 20th - 22nd June 2019 and it’s set to be an amazing show! All money raised will help us to put on this production, and we have some fantastic rewards available for donators! Among money raised through other fundraising events, your donations will enable us to create the best show possible!

What are you doing and why?

At the end of every Summer term, CHMS puts on a musical at the wonderful 41 Monkgate Theatre, and this year we are so excited to be performing Jonathan Larson’s beautiful rock opera: RENT. This show is a favourite of many, and when it premiered in 1993 it completely revolutionised musical theatre and brought a whole new generation of audiences with it, as there was no other show quite like it at the time. We cannot wait for you to see what we’ve done with this amazing musical!

Why is this important to US?

We are excited to be able to challenge ourselves and branch out into new styles of musical theatre as a society, and RENT has been the perfect show to do this. The sound is completely different to anything the society has done in recent years, and we feel that the show’s subject matter is significant and that it is full of stories worth telling. RENT follows the lives of a group of young artists living in poverty during the AIDS epidemic in the late 80s and early 90s in New York. We believe it is important to share the stories of these artists with respect, and work hard to bring these wonderful characters to life.

What impact will YOU have by DONATING?

Our cast and production team have been tirelessly working on this beast of a show and we would love for the technical aspects to match the level of hard work and dedication we have been putting in. To effectively bring the world of RENT to the stage and to have you, our audience, feel as though they are stepping back into the 90s we will have to be creative with set, props, and costume, which is where your financial support will go! Donations will also help with things like tech hire and transport - all these little things really do add up and are vital for RENT to run seamlessly and to come to life.


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