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Chemistry @ 50

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YuStart a chain reaction for Research Internships

We’re inviting alumni and friends of our renowned Department of Chemistry to join together in our anniversary year to open doors for students this summer and in the future.

Chemistry at YorK

Over the past 50 years the Department of Chemistry has continued to develop its first class formula of excellence, enquiry, enthusiasm and inclusivity  – attracting the brightest students to York as one of the top 7 departments in the country.  Next year we’ll add a challenging new Natural Sciences option to our courses.

Our new state of the art facilities enable students to learn in a research environment whilst retaining the small group teaching in colleges, flexible course structure and the opportunity to specialize in industrial, medicinal or environmental chemistry – things that our many alumni remember and value.

Alumni tell us too that it’s not just what they were taught but how they were taught that gave them the tools to go on to develop successful careers in research, industry and policy.

Our popular year abroad course has placements as far afield as India and Canada, and our Chemistry programmes teach subjects as broad as analytical and forensic chemistry to genetic engineering.  Experience that is vital in today’s world.

The catalyst for opportunity

In the past four years we’ve added research internships to the Chemistry experience, and for our 50th anniversary aim to increase this opportunity and make them available to all no matter what their background.  

These internships typically provide 8 weeks experience on a focused project in the summer period working with the Department’s cutting edge research teams and help to develop our next generation of scientists.

Why we need your support

We urgently need to establish a sustainable source of income to support our undergraduate students in taking our summer vacation research placements, this year and beyond.   

Our target is ambitious but achievable thanks to the support of alumnus Dr Anthony Wild.  We need you to help us unlock his generosity.  

Dr Anthony Wild has committed to match all your gifts pound for pound.  

By raising £20,000, which will be matched at 100%, we'll provide £40,000 for this great project.  Gifts of £500 or more will be double matched, so we can reach our target even quicker

Your support will ensure the Department of Chemistry continues to attract and foster the best and brightest talent, and you’ll help to train the next generation of scientists who will find solutions to critical global issues.

The great ‘chemistry’ created over the past 50 years combined with Dr Anthony Wild’s Matching Challenge provide the perfect catalyst to give Chemistry students at York more valuable experience and a competitive edge. 

Please consider joining your alumni friends and professors to help expand this scheme by giving generously.   Whatever you are able to give will help towards our goal.  Thank you.

Where will the money go?

Directly to cover the students living costs over the internship period, each student will get £1,000.

  • £10,000 will support 10 undergraduate students
  • £20,000 will give 20 students this opportunity
  • £40,000, our ultimate goal, will enable us to sustain our programme in the future

We’d like to thank you

In the spirit of crowdfunding, we’ve devised some bespoke thank yous as a token of our appreciation.  On YuStart, they’re termed ‘rewards’, though their value is slight.  Our aim is simply to evoke some memories of York, and bring you closer to the students and research that your gifts will support.

YuStart will send you regular updates from the Department through the life of the project.  We know that for our generous supporters it’s the investment in the future and the continuation of the ethos of Chemistry that is important.  Thank you.

Spread the word

There has never been a better time for you to give to the Chemistry 50 Fund so please share the news about our Chain Reaction campaign for Chemistry with friends, family or fellow alumni.  

Find us here: 



1 year, 10 months ago

Thank you for all your support so far.

We are over the minimum but we still have time to reach the full target, please continue to spread the word - we have just two days to go.

Hopefully we can ensure even more of our students will benefit from undertaking an internship - just like Matthew did.

1 year, 11 months ago

This year we've had a tremendous response to the Chemistry internship programme. Like previous years we have many more applications than scholarships. Congratulations to those students who have received scholarships.

Don't forget - only 27 days to support Chemistry@York, have a look at what our previous interns have to say. Please make a gift today and help us on the journey of ensuring that all students can benefit from this fantastic experience!

2 years ago

We are looking forward to launching our campaign on campus (or initiating our chain reaction) next week.

Great to read so many positive comments from our previous interns on how they have benefitted from their vacation projects - take a look on twitter #YuStartachainreaction. Also Jennifer Rudd's (Goodricke/Chemistry/2009) recent Grapevine article (about starting an academic career) mentions 'I got my PhD position as the Professor interviewing me was impressed by my summer project'!

Thank you for your support for Chemistry@York

Dr Anthony Wild matchfunded £5685


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Only until midnight left! What a fantastic response to the campaign so far but we can still get closer to the full target! A big thank you to all the supporters - this project would not have been possible without your help.

Good luck and I hope you achieve the necessary level for the internships

Best wishes. After all these years I am still passionate about chemistry. I am pleased to have supported York University

Great initiative! Good luck with the campaign!

Students need opportunities like this - that's why I'm happy to make a gift. Good luck with the campaign.

Good luck to all!