Christmas Stocking Appeal 2019

A project by: Chris Hoyle


WE RAISED £3,328

from 154 donors

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I hope that you’re successful and that all students who have nowhere to go at Christmas are able to have a great time.

Great work - and the university can be a family too if we get it right

Well done Chris!

Excellent project Chris - a moving appeal. Good luck Mike

This appeal is fantastic, thank you for thinking of the students. Brilliant idea and very happy to support. 😍

A great idea!

Great initiative Chris. Hope it goes well.

Chris, This is a great iniative and I cant beleiev I havent heard of it before. Thank you for sharing your story,

This is a fantastic idea and I'm very happy to support it. Well done Chris.

Great idea!

What an amazing and worthwhile cause! Merry happy festive season to all :D

Great initiative!

Really nice idea

Good luck, Chris. I only wish I looked so good as Santa! C x

Well done for getting this together Chris

Let's hope we smash this target and are able to do even more for our students this Christmas

Such an important project and great stuff Chris for awareness raising - Dawn