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Class of 2016 Nightline Challenge

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Nightline have supported you, now it's time to return the favour

Thank you for your support. 
Although the Class of 2016 crowdfunding challenge is now closed you can still support the campaign and Nightline by donating at:


Support York's confidential listening and information service       run by students, for students

Every night during term time a team of student volunteers answer calls, emails, instant messages and talk in person to fellow York students about anything that's troubling them. They spend their time helping others - it's time to return the favour, donate today and help more students.

The Battle

We all feel stressed from time to time - it might be about exam results, a job interview or even concerns about relationships. This stress is a normal and inevitable part of life however sometimes it can become too much. 

75% of students experience some degree of psychological distress whilst at university. 

For 1 in 3 students, this psychological distress occurs at night – when student welfare services are usually closed.  That’s where Nightline comes in. Nightline is a place for students to turn whether that's physically or electronically from 8pm to 8am. 

Having spent over 40 years supporting York students Nightline now need some support of their own. Since moving off campus and simultaneously expanding the service onto the Heslington East campus, they need more promotional material to ensure students can find and access their service. There has been a significant drop in visits to the flat since the move. 

How can you help Nightline help others? 

University is a time of many changes and challenges for a lot of people. Being able to talk to a peer- someone who understands what you're going through at the University and can empathise - can, and does, make a difference.

You can help Nightline keep up their good work! There are over 4,000 studentsin the graduating Class of 2016 this summer. If you each gave as little as £2 you could raise more than £8,000 for Nightline and the students who remain at the University. Even if you're not part of the Class of 2016, get involved and support York students, donate today.

£200 will pay for the Nightline flat to have a makeover, making it more comfortable for callers and volunteers

£100 will train 10 new volunteers to have the skills necessary to provide this amazing service

£80 will pay for one volunteer to attend the Nightline Association conference, an important and valuable learning experience

£60 will pay for better promotion during fresher's week to ensure new students are aware of the service

£50 will pay for new-better telephones

£5 will print enough posters to advertise to a further 1000 students

Donate today and leave behind a message of well-being for the students who follow in your footsteps

For those of you wondering why there are images of a cow- meet Kevin, the Nightline mascot! Follow us on social media and you can find out more about his story and involvement in the service. 

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1 year ago

Every ending has a new beginning

The Class of 2016 have officially graduated! And we couldn't be more proud. 

This last week has been a time of celebration, farewell and, perhaps most importantly, a new beginning! To all our graduates- Look forward, dream new dreams and stretch your limits, now is the chance to be brave and explore everything and anything you've ever wanted. 

Just make sure you don't forget us. We'll be here whenever you want a trip down memory lane. And by supporting the Class of 2016 Nightline Challenge you've left a legacy for the students that are following in your footsteps, thank you. 

Not donated yet? There's still time. The challenge is running until the end of the month and even £1 will make a difference. 

We thought we'd finish this update with some fabulous images of our pal Kevin the Cow making friends last week! He loved meeting you all and has been 'mooved' by the support Nightline has received so far! 

Thank you once again on behalf of Nightline- I'm sure we can cow-nt on you!

1 year ago

Keep up the good work

Thank you so much to everyone who has helped so far. With your support in spreading the word and your donations we're already past the £500 mark! 

Now, with only 8 days left until graduation we thought we'd give you a quick update on our exciting activities.

We've been working closely with Nightline's mascot Kevin the cow in spreading awareness of Nightline on campus with his mini cow friends (you can own one yourself- check out the rewards to see how!) 


We've also spent some time with the new student Union sabbatical team who not only had a brilliant time with Kevin and our mini cows but also resulted in many of them donating! (thanks again guys)


We're really hoping to make this a brilliant legacy of well-being for the Class of 2016 to leave behind so please continue to donate and spread the word.

If you have the chance head over to either @GivingToYork and/or @YuOpportunities for more pictures and facts about both Nightline and Kevin the cow! 

Thank you once again on behalf of Nightline- I'm sure we can cow-nt on you!

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Good luck Kym!

Hi, Worth flagging with a pop up box that your user name can't have any spaces as it took me a few attempts before realising. Well done on all that you're doing!

Great work. Keep it up!

This is a great project for an important team doing some vital work. I hope the staff, student and alumni community join in and support your efforts. Good luck! Mary