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COMPANY 2016 York

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Two's Company, three's a crowd

Bobby baby - Meet the director

My name is Ryan Greer and I'm trying to raise £500 to finance my university dissertation: a Solo Project that will enable me to direct a full scale musical production of 'COMPANY' by Stephen Sondheim and George Furth. My ultimate goal is a career in Theatre and this is an incredible opportunity to gain invaluable experience, as well as put on a fantastic show that the public can come and enjoy.

Life Is Company - My solo project

For my Solo Project I decided that I wanted to create live theatre and explore the nature of a production where one sole person acts as the Artistic and Musical Director. I wanted to put together a show that would be a unique and special experience for everyone involved, giving fellow students the opportunity to hone and display their skills. For this I chose ‘COMPANY’, a vibrant and witty show about the nature of relationships.

I believe that theatre must communicate in an engaging way, and so my approach with this show at every turn has been to create the most entertaining and satisfying experience possible. However, a full scale musical production cannot happen on good intentions and enthusiasm alone. In order to achieve my goal I would like to ask you to donate ANY amount, from as little as £1, towards getting this project off the ground and onto the stage. In a society of relentless cuts in the Arts you will be supporting an incredibly talented and hardworking company of actors, musicians and production team members made up entirely of students from the University of York. You too can be a part of this fantastic experience by donating as little as £1 towards “COMPANY 2016 YORK” today! 

Side By Side by Side - Funding the Production

The money donated towards our production will help us cover the costs of Venue Hire, Costume, Props, Tech and Press and Publicity.

As an amateur student production we are aiming to put on COMPANY with a very minimal budget however, there are some large costs that come with producing a show. Making a donation to our project could contribute to bringing Bobby's apartment to life with authentic set and props that will enhance the audience experience.

Budget Breakdown

- Venue Hire (1 week): £750

- Costume and Props: £150

- Press and Publicity Costs: £100

- Set: £50

- Tech: £50

TOTAL: £1100

We're hoping to cover some of these costs with income from ticket sales and programmes (hence the £500 target) but, if we're lucky enough to exceed our goal then any extra funds will go towards making 'COMPANY' go down in York musical history!

Have I Got A Girl For You - Production Photos


                Bobby's Girlfriends learning the musical number "You Could Drive A Person Crazy"   

                                  Full Cast sing-through of the opening number "Company"                                                  Music rehearsal for "Sorry Grateful" with the Husbands

                                               Blocking of the opening number "Company"

                                    Staging of the closing number of the show "Being Alive"

The Ladies Who Lunch - the Cast and Crew

Phill Cato (Producer), Em Barrett (Assistant Director), Joe Mackenzie (Dramaturg), Joe McNeice (Production Designer), Tara Geraghty and George Doughty (Stage Managers) form the team supporting Ryan and his big venture.

Our talented cast consists of:

Jamie Bowman as Bobby                        Sean Byrne as Harry

Anna Jones as Sarah                               Eddie Kaziro as David

Megan Davies as Jenny                           Conor Geoghegan as Peter

Kate Mason as Susan                              Josh Madine as Paul

Anna Hale as Amy                                    Marcus Crabb as Larry

Meredith Lambert as Joanne                   Emily Chattle as April

Tamaki Laycock as Marta                        Caitlin Burrows as Kathy 

Another Hundred people - Keep up to date!

Follow us on our social media platforms to watch how the show progresses and develops as we transition from the rehearsal phase into our production week when we move into our venue! Help us spread the word about 'COMPANY' as we get nearer to the show opening!

Twitter: @CompanyYork16

Facebook: Company 2016 - York

Facebook Event: D&B Entertainment Presents COMPANY

The little things you do together - Help us reach our target!

Thank you for taking the time read about our project! We hope that we have conveyed our love for music and theatre and particularly 'COMPANY'.

We need all the support we can get in realising our vision and making 'COMPANY' a success. Now, we don't expect everyone who visits this page to sponsor us. We would however, like to ask you to spare a few moments to share our project with as many people as you can over social media, via email - anywhere! We are more than happy to speak to everyone and anyone that is interested in our project.

We will be so grateful if you could donate any amount even as little as £1 to helping us fund Ryan's Solo Project and making 'COMPANY' a successful live student theatre hit!

Performance Dates and Tickets

Date and Time: Thursday 25th - Saturday 27th Feb @ 19:30, Saturday Matinee @ 14:30

Venue: Upstage Centre, 41 Monkgate, York, YO31 7PB

Tickets: Adult £12 | Concessions £10 | Student £6

Online tickets available here