In Memory of Dr Makoto Shimoji / 下地 誠 を偲んで

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In Memory of Dr Makoto Shimoji / 下地 誠 を偲んで

Dr Makoto Shimoji (11 February 1969 – 10 June 2023) died very suddenly leaving his wife Miyako and children Masaru and Minori.

Having previously taught at University of Michigan (USA) and Yokohama National University (Japan), Makoto arrived at the Department of Economics and Related Studies, University of York in 2006. He has made important and wide-ranging contributions to the fields of Game Theory and Mechanism Design. Many of his groundbreaking articles have significantly expanded our understanding of the relationships between different solution concepts.

Makoto was very committed to his teaching and his students. Coming from a remote and disadvantaged community in Japan where few young people had the opportunity to go to the University, Makoto benefited from scholarships that allowed him to pursue a PhD abroad. Makoto was always grateful for this and was keen to think of ways for all young people to have equal access to higher education.

For these reasons we have established a fund contributing to the York Opportunity Scholarships. These scholarships allow students who have overcome barriers to reach their educational goals. We think that having supported thousands of students on their undergraduate journeys during his career, we strongly feel that contributing to this fund is an apt way to honour Makoto’s life. Makoto would be very happy if he could give students a better chance of pursuing their education.

Thank you very much.

Miyako, Masaru and Minori Shimoji


この度、下地 誠(経済学博士、1969年2月11日~2023年6月10日)は、妻 美也子、長男 優、長女 実を遺して急逝いたしました。





下地 美也子、下地 優、下地 実