Stephen Gow takes on The Great York Walk!

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Walk the world to transform mental health

Great York Walk

The University of York, Learning Enhancement Team is taking on The Great York Walk, and we have pledged to take on a virtual 12-week step challenge to raise funds for desperately needed mental health research and initiatives to transform mental health for everyone. 

Mental ill-health doesn't discriminate and right now, mental health has never been more important as the social implications of coronavirus begin to unravel. So together with loads of other people - some with a connection to York, some with no connection - We are going to be counting our daily steps for the next three months (10th May - 31st July) to contribute to a (virtual) 25,000 mile walking goal of the University. That's the equivalent of a walk around the Earth!

My personal goal is to raise £150 for the Charity and just to see how far I can walk (my average is around 10,000 steps a day).

Please donate anything you can to help our target and improve mental health in York and beyond! 

Who are you?

Your friendly neighbourhood Stephen Gow! I know you - you know me - please donate anything you can to help me raise money for this great cause.

Dame Kelly Holmes is SUPPORTING it!

Here's Kelly telling you about the Great York Walk.

Where will the money go?

The money goes to Mentally Fit York - this is the University of York's new fund to transform mental health on a local, national and international scale, through supporting on the ground initiatives and the latest groundbreaking research. Your support will improve mental health and wellbeing in many forms, reaching out from the University to the city's communities and beyond. 

Find More Info on the Great York Walk Here