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Freddie Hunt, Son of Formula one world champion, turns his back on racing to become a farmer

Hunt is a short 20-minute documentary about Freddie Hunt, son of 1976 f1 world champion James Hunt!

This project will take a unique dive into Freddie's life by focusing on his life in Scotland, on his farm. While going about his day, Freddie will open up about his experiences, and his passions (whether it's farming, horses or racing) and discuss what it means to be the son of a motorsport legend who passed away young, and the impact it had on his solitary lifestyle and racing career. Now, Freddie dedicates his life to the farm, while also focusing on conservation and slowly becoming self-sufficient. But, this won't be possible without you, which is why we need to find a way to raise £2500 with your help! 


We are a team of passionate students interested in documentaries, motorsport, and nature! This story means a lot to us, we are very excited to bring this vision to life and shed light on something most people would never guess – like how the son of a Formula 1 legend spends his best days on a farm and not a race track. The message behind this story is truly beautiful, and we believe that it is something everyone can relate to: finding somewhere to call home, and finding peace while doing what you love. 


Here’s a brief summary of how we intend to use the budget:

Location: we will be filming on a Scottish Island as well as various other locations to make this documentary look as great as possible!

Hospitality: Sustenance, we’ll be there for a number of days.

Accommodation - We’ll need to find a place to stay for a number of days.

Kit rental: We’ll be using some unique equipment, which will require external rental.

Music: We want to have an original soundtrack for this documentary, which is why we need to get our own composer!

We would greatly appreciate your help, as it will bring our project to life. Without contributions, this project would not be possible. Understandably, in the cost of living crisis, we are aware that donating is a luxury, please note that whatever the size of your donation, we are immensely grateful.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

The Hunt Team.