A New future for Heritage Print in York

A project by: Thin Ice Press


WE RAISED £33,960

from 220 donors

3 months, 2 weeks ago

We made it!!!!!!

The most enormous thanks to everyone who has supported us in our crowdfunding campaign. We didn't just make it to our target, we got all the way to £33,960! It's incredible news and we can't wait to move in to our new premises, and bring a glorious Centre for Print to the heart of York.

Thank you!

3 months, 3 weeks ago

We're 92% funded! 

... and with just a day-and-a-half to go! Huge thanks to all of our donors, who have got us so close to our £30,000 target. Please keep spreading the word during these final hours -- we're almost there!

4 months ago

So close!

We are just a few days from the close of our crowdfunding campaign, and just under £7,000 away from our goal. We have a couple of exciting donations pledged, so our target is within reach! Please spread the word -- every donation makes a real difference.

5 months, 1 week ago

Can you help us raise £2000 in the next three days?

Our crowdfunder for Thin Ice Press: the York Centre for print is going really well! We have more than £8,000 in the bank, and a further £11,000 pledged from some incredible individuals and organisations. There's every chance we will hit our £30,000 target by the end of January.

BUT (there's always a but) those generous pledges are going to take time to come through, and they won't show on our crowdfunding page until the new year. We need to make our achievements visible -- and we believe it will make a huge difference to prospective donors, as well as to everyone who is supporting us on this incredible journey, if we can make it halfway to our target before we hit the festive season.

As soon as we hit £10,000, a big-hearted donor is gifting a further £5000. So there isn't far to go! Please donate if you can, and please spread the word. Any amount helps. After all, if 2000 people see this message, and each of them gives £1, we'll have made it!

The Centre is going to be a fantastic resource for York, and for printers and printmakers everywhere. Your donation can make all the difference.

6 months ago

A £5000 donation is heading our way!

Thanks so much to everyone who has donated to our crowdfunder so far. We have some great news: as soon as we hit £10,000 an anonymous donor will contribute a further £5000, getting us halfway towards our goal.

We're really pleased with our progress so far, and can't wait to hit this major milestone! Please donate, and spread the word!

7 months, 2 weeks ago

10% of the way there!

Huge thanks to everyone who has donated to our Centre for Print crowdfunder so far. Thanks to your generosity, we've already hit 10% of our goal, and are well on track to achieve our target. Please do keep spreading the word to people with a passion for print, who can help us to ensure old-fashioned print has a long and creative future in York.

Helen, Lizzy and Nick