In-memory of John Gunby

A project by: The University of York


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In aid of LeukoLabs

In memory of John Gunby; a loving, caring Husband, Father and Grandfather who for much of his life was happy and active. He was passionate about sport, particularly running, and was an avid gardener who took great pride in the flowers and vegetables that he cultivated after his retirement. John was well liked and will be remembered by friends and family for his warm mild-mannered approach, his sage advise and 'Dad humour', but also for the resilience and strength that he showed in times of adversity.

In his later years he suffered from a rare form of adult-onset leukodystrophy. Sadly, there was no treatment for him but we hope that, by supporting the LeukoLabs, further research into this rare group of diseases will ultimately lead to a better understanding and eventually treatment.