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LUMA Film Festival 2015

A project by: Lennard Morrice Ortmann

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Completion Date: Sat 23 May 2015
Help us put on an amazing film festival celebrating the work of York's TFTV students!

LUMA is the student-led film festival showcasing the best film and television projects to come out of the University of York. This June LUMA is entering its fourth year and we need your help to make sure this will be the best so far!

The festival - what we do 

At LUMA all submitted films get a screening. The year’s best films, as chosen by a staff and student jury, are selected to be shown in our special (and always fully packed!) Gala Screenings in the evenings. 

But there is much more than the films themselves. Every year we invite top-level film professionals to come and speak to students and the public about their experiences, careers and possible routes into the industry. We also use our fantastic facilities to host workshops providing practical insights into filmmaking. We aim to inspire our festival goers with a wide and diverse programme. 

By now LUMA has become an integral part of TFTVs annual events calendar. But it is also rapidly gaining a reputation throughout the university as well as York. We are proud to announce that LUMA, for the second time, is officially teaming up with the Festival of Ideas this year! 

The LUMA team – who makes it happen? 

The festival team consists of 15 students form all years and courses at TFTV. While the seasoned LUMA organisers act as heads of department for management, design, press & publicity and tech, we always give responsibility to those who are new. After all, it will be them that run LUMA the year after.

LUMA’s impact on students and alumni 

Over the years we have had some exiting guests giving talks and hosting master classes, inspiring our students and festival goers. Among them are Peter Lord, Greg Dyke, Charlie Higson and Anthony Horowitz. These top professionals have enriched the festival with their insight and inspired our visitors in recent years. 

Films screened at LUMA have gone on to be successful in UK and international film festivals, including the Student RTS Awards, Aesthetica, Watersprite, Kurzundschön and many more! 

Every year graduates from TFTV are returning to the department to visit LUMA and see what the younger generations are creating. Since networking is such a vital part of the film and TV business, this is a great chance for exchange between students and graduates. My personal hope is that in years to come LUMA will be a hub where local and external filmmakers, York alumni and students meet every year to exchange ideas, watch films together and create bonds.

The costs involved – or why we need your help 

LUMA is absolutely free for everybody and always will be. This is down to the hard (and voluntary!) work of the LUMA team. Nevertheless, there are many costs involved in running a film festival. Here is a rough outline that illustrates what we could do with the money you contribute: 

£1000 – the bare minimum 

  • £300 - catering for speakers, guests and refreshments for volunteers
  • £400 for printing advertising materials, banners and signposts to make LUMA even more successful
  • £50 for general stationery and DVDs etc. 
  • £200 for decorations to make TFTV look special during the festival
  • £50 to renew our website subscription with the university so we can update the old site and keep it running for another year - have a look at last year's site here

£1500 – LUMA galore! 

  • We will be able to go bigger with our advertising campaign. We want to reach as many people as possible, so this is really important to us! 
  • We can spend more on decorations to transform TFTV into a special venue for the event. One thing we would like to do is build a set of 7ft high freestanding LUMA letters to put outside the department (perhaps we can even iLUMAnate them) 
  • There are no cash prizes for the winners of LUMA. But with a bit of extra money we would be able to build some nice trophies for our winners. 

And finally… 

Now that you know what LUMA is, we hope you might consider helping us bring this amazing festival together once more with a little donation. And even if you can’t donate you can help us by liking and sharing us on social media and getting the word out. 

You’ll find us at: 

Twitter: @LUMAFilmFest 

Homepage (2014): http://lumafilmfestival.com 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LumaFilmFestival?fref=ts&ref=br_tf