Help York become Mentally Fitter

A project by: Maddy Elliott



from 31 donors

Maddy walks 25 miles to help make York Mentally Fitter

A short summary of my project

I’m going to raise £550 for Mentally Fit York by walking the 25 mile Great York Walk 2024 to fundraise to help other people with their mental health issues as well as to hopefully fund Mental Health Nursing Scholarships at the University of York. 

I am proud to work in the York Trials Unit in Health Sciences at the University and have enjoyed walking, running, cycling and swimming over the years, including running 3 marathons.

My story

I’ve taken this challenge on at under 3 weeks’ notice and whilst recovering from a chest infection (!) as mental health is an issue that is very close to my heart - and - more importantly- I’d like to help Mentally Fit York again and see the success it has.  The University is a great organisation to work for and so I’d like to help in any way I can to say thank you for its support of staff over the years- and particularly during and following the Pandemic.

Where will the money go?

  • To fund Mental Health Nursing Scholarships
  • To help fund the Institute of Mental Health with its research
  • To help support students and staff with their Mental Health
  • To help address Mental Health issues in the wider City of York and surrounding areas