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Mr Saxon's Excellently English Evening of Entertainment

A project by: KIFLi Theatre


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This project received pledges on Wed 18 Apr 2018
Roll-up. Roll-up. A new documentary satire needs your help to get to the Fringe this summer!

KIFLI THEAtre needs your help

KIFLi Theatre is created and run by an ambitious group of young theatre-makers. As graduating students from the University of York, we have stories to tell but we need your help to get them heard! For that reason we are investing every last penny and creative energy into getting our show Mr Saxon’s Excellently English Evening of Entertainment to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2018!  However, we need your help and so we are kindly asking for your support!

We are extremely excited by this project and cannot wait to share it, but we are not able to completely finance this by ourselves as students and so we are asking for some help from generous collaborators and friends. Any money you can give will be helping us to make our show at the fringe possible. All money raised will go directly into the show and we’ll keep our pledgers updated with our progress through updates and rehearsal photos.

The Show

Roll-up. Roll-up. England. A place for Saxons, hermits and bubble people. Where NHS protests occur in nightclubs for the elderly. Where Michael Gove is a goblin. Where we all sing the ballad of the Brexit lady. But with the clashing personalities of the cabaret actors - will the show ever get put on?!

Mr Saxon's Excellently English Evening of Entertainment is a satirical piece of documentary theatre which explores the state of the United Kingdom following the Brexit referendum in 2016. Presented in the form of a cabaret, it tells the story of the actors performing the show and their struggles to get through the performance hiccup free. The show was the catalyst for the formation of KIFLi, and is the crux of our identity as theatre makers.

Growing The Show

This is our first step into the theatre industry as soon-to-be graduates and your support is crucial to allow us to start our journey as an emerging theatre company. Putting a show on at the fringe will be will be an essential learning experience for us, as well as an opportunity to showcase our work, meet with new collaborators and make vital industry connections.

The nitty gritty

Costumes need to be crafted, our disco balls need to be polished, and Gove needs to be Goblified. But more than that, we really need a place to perform our Excellently English Evening of Entertainment for our two-week run in Scotland. Even taking up a small-scale show to Edinburgh Fringe Festival is expensive. Any money you can give will be going towards the cost of hiring our venue - an intimate 55 seat venue on the mile, in the heart of Edinburgh - it's the perfect place for our cabaret! However, the perfect place comes at a cost - £2000 to be exact - and that's why we're asking for your help! Without you, there'll be no home for Mr Saxon at the Fringe!

And now a note from Mr Saxon Himself...

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! I am Mr Saxon and this is my crazy, cracking crowdfunding campaign. Good to see you’ve found your way to my – sorry our – fundraising page for my – sorry our – show. Let’s get this Cabaret moving and grooving!

My show is a laugh and a half. It’s a brand spanking new political documentary satire, featuring original music and cabaret fun galore.

We’re talking about now, right now, not any other time. It is important to think, yet also to drink. Because if we’re not having fun - what the f**k are we doing? This cabaret is my life. It is the favourite of all my children. And I’ve got five kids.

A pledge for me is a pledge for freedom, justice and singing about biscuits.

“Who can lend a hand?! Who can be the milk to our tea, the fish to our chips, the Great to our Britain?! Can you save my - sorry our - show?!!!”

thank you!

So, please, if you can, help us raise the minimum amount we need to help secure our venue. Of course, you can also support our show with a ticket or two for a performance at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. You can tell your satirical/cabaret/music/comedy-loving friends about Mr Saxon’s Excellently English Evening of Entertainment, and ask them to tell their satirical/cabaret/music/comedy-loving friends about it too. However you choose to support us, we thank you from the bottom of our heart.

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