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OperaSoc presents "Oberon"

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This project received pledges on Sun 06 Nov 2016
Fairytales can come true

OperaSoc presents Oberon

OperaSoc is one of the major perfomance societies on campus and has put on some truly fantastic operas. Recent successes include Dido and Aeneas, Cosi fan tutti and The Magic Flute . Our team are an enthusiastic and creative group who are all working hard to create a truly spectacular performance. We have the privilege of being able to create the show but you can help to make the performances what they can be.

Oberon was the final and most impressive opera of composer Carl Maria von Weber. Written in 1826 it tells the story of Oberon, King of the Fairies and his vow not to be reconciled with Titania, his Queen, until he has found a pair of human lovers who are faithful to each other through everything. His search leads him to Sir Huon, a knight on a mission from Charlemagne and Reiza, the daughter of the Caliph of Baghdad. The opera follows the couple and the trials which they go through before they can be together. Sung in English, Oberon is accessible to everyone, whether they are a die-hard opera fan or new to the style. We want to make this a show to remember and with your help we can make this possible. Any donation will be gratefully received and allows you to become a part of this amazing venture!

Where will the money go?

The money for the show will go towards our costume, set, props and tech.

From the fairies in Oberon's court to the exotic and mysterious palace in Baghdad, Oberon has many different and stunning visuals to be brought to life. By giving us a donation, you can help us make these a reality. With every donation we are able to add more dimensions to the show and ultimately make the show one to remember.

Here are a breakdown of our costs:

Set - £100

Costume - £150

Props - £50

Advertising/Posters - £150

Please consider helping us reach our target by donating towards these costs. Any donation is appreciated whether it be large or small and if we're lucky enough to get extra funds they'll go towards making the show as authentic as possible! Any extra money will be put towards the show through one of the above.


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We're on social media!!!!! Like us on Facebook (OperaSoc presents 'Oberon') or follow us on Twitter (@oberonoperasoc) to keep up to date with all the rehearsal news and production progress as we prepare to put on this fantastic opera!

And finally...

You don't need to give money to help us succeed (although we would be extremely grateful if you do!) Please share our project with anyone you think may be interested online or in person. The more people who know about us, the more likely OperaSoc presents Oberon will be something truly special!