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One Education

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Help fund asylum-seeking scholarships at the University of York

Each year, graduating students campaign to raise funds for a cause that affects their campus. This year we voted to support Equal Access Scholarships with the Class of 2017 Appeal, aptly named One Education . These scholarships offer asylum-seeking students the chance to study at York, in a safe and secure place. Together we can help more students and make a huge difference to their futures.

If everyone at the University of York gave £1.50 each we would have enough to support 2 asylum seeking students for one full year!

But you don't need to be a student to get involved! Anyone can give and show their support for asylum seeking students and if you give now the University of York Alumni and friends have pledged to match all donations up to £5,000 through YuFund!

Watch Kawa's thank you video here!

The Barriers...

Asylum-seekers in the UK have already overcome many challenges; however, they still face an uphill struggle where further education is concerned. Unfortunately with no access to student loan support and with international tuition fee rates, the door of education can remain shut. What is the future going to look like if people seeking protection cannot learn the skills they need to build a future?

This is why we need your support in raising funds to provide scholarships for asylum-seeking students wishing to study here at York.

The solution...

Last year the University of York opened its doors to its first two Equal Access Scholars, Kawa and Maryam. Students like Kawa and Maryam overcome a series of almost unimaginable obstacles to study at York, like learning a new language and adjusting to a whole new life, with the Equal Access Scholarships the University has helped to make things a bit easier.

With the growing humanitarian crisis, the University of York has since pledged to give five more asylum-seeking students fee-free access to a York degree this year. However, even with their fees covered, each student needs £10,660 per year to cover their living costs and so far we have funding for just three students to join us in October as Equal Access Scholars.

Coming to university is about more than just studying. These scholarships offer the students a chance to truly engage with university life, join clubs and societies and make friends, things we can easily take for granted. The University of York has long been a place of safety for those in need, help continue this proud legacy at a time of unrest and uncertainty.

Welcome someone to York by making a donation today and by sharing our YuStart page.

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