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One Education

A project by: YuStart


WE RAISED £10,779

from 304 donors

This project received pledges on Sat 01 Jul 2017

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Many congratulations on reaching your target.

Fantastic cause!

Support students with their education

All the best God Bless

encourage everyone who is at the University all people to donate an amount you suggested £1.50 So you can get more refugee students there. All the best God Bless All the best Go

What a lovely idea - keep up the good work!

Great Class of 2017 Appeal! Good luck, and thanks for this chance to welcome some pretty amazing people to York for a world class education

Best of luck in reaching the target

Keep up the good work people and look forward to welcoming our new students!

All the best! My warmest regards to the organizing committee!

Lovely idea good luck x

I hope that as many people as possible are able to receive the same opportunities I have been fortunate enough to experience here at York. Good luck!

Fantastic work, I really hope you can make your target.

Yay! Well done everyone!

Good luck in generating all of the funds you need to support the aims of this project and to deliver the opportunities that will be so beneficial to the recipients of it. Great work and all the best to all involved and particularly those who's futures can be changed by it.

You're doing a fantastic thing to support a very worthy community of students who deserve the best education and recognition of their abilities. Thank you!