Open Access Archaeology Fund

A project by: Tom Piercy

Reduce the barriers to open archaeological research and advance knowledge of our shared human past.

With funding in the Humanities in such short supply, the quality researcher is in danger of remaining unpublished. With your support, the Open Access Archaeology Fund will allow us to more easily assist unfunded authors and depositors.

For over 20 years, Internet Archaeology and the Archaeology Data Service (ADS) at the University of York have been internationally recognised for our high, open standards, innovation and best practice in archaeological publication and digital archiving. We believe that free, open access to archaeological research and data offers significant and enduring academic, professional and social benefits. 

If you share our belief that everyone should have free access to archaeological research, please consider supporting the Open Access Archaeology Fund with a donation today.

Internet Archaeology and the ADS provide access to a broad range of international archaeological research and its underlying data. This is the most effective way of ensuring that such research can be integrated and built on to further knowledge of our shared human past.

To ensure that the Open Access Archaeology Fund can continue to make a difference in this way, we need your support.

Although many have access to funds via their research sponsors to cover an article or deposit charge, there are other researchers for whom funding is simply not available despite research quality and whose digital data is potentially at greater risk. Our Open Access Archaeology Fund aims to put that right.

Please consider making a single gift today, or if you are able, make it a recurring monthly donation, as this will help us to plan the support the Fund can give in the future.

Thank you.

Donations of any size are hugely appreciated and 100% of everything you give will go directly to supporting the Open Access Archaeology Fund. If you would like to consider making a contribution of over £1,000, please contact so we can ensure your gift is used in the most impactful way possible.