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Help give the students of York, its alumni and the local community the biggest and best Roses ever!

Help bring the Carter James Trophy back to where it belongs!

The rivalry between York and Lancaster has a long history, full of conflict. Stemming from the War of the Roses that caused decades of civil war in the fifteenth century, this fierce rivalry lives on in the form of the largest European inter-university sports tournament between the University of York and Lancaster University: Roses.

After a closely fought defeat at Lancaster in 2014, the history books show that York lead a close 25 - 24, but there's still everything to play for - we need to widen that gap. This is why we want to make 2015 the most impressive Roses yet.

Check out the 2013 promo video to get a flavour of this fierce rivalry: 


The University of York has invested substantially to improve sports facilities at York over the past three years and this has made a huge difference to our performance.  Now that we have a pool onsite, a velodrome and 3G pitches we can train harder, field better teams and compete in 62 sports; more than ever before.  Our aim during Roses, as well as to win of course, is to inspire participation across all sports by all students.

We have a LOT planned for Roses 2015: 

Alongside bringing the Carter James Trophy back home, we want to host new sports, welcome new friends and to involve you, our alumni and the wider community.  

Roses is the biggest varsity competition on the continent. With 132 fixtures over 3 days involving 4000 athletes there is a lot to plan. Although we are able to do so mostly using our own facilities, staging a top-class event involves costs which we can’t avoid.  

Your pledges will help fund Roses not only for competitors, but it will give everyone involved a taste of the excitement and teamwork that makes participation in sport a fantastic experience.

This year we want to throw the spotlight on some sports that have had less profile in the past, and at which York excels: Fencing, Karate and Boxing. So Roses kicks off with a huge opening ceremony in Central Hall on Friday night and ‘Friday Night Fight Night’ will feature Boxing as our main event. Not only will your donations contribute to a wonderful spectacle for the students, alumni and community to enjoy but they will provide a top class competitive experience for our athletes.

Our full budget is available on request, but here’s how we will spend the £9,000 that we need to raise through our YuStart campaign.  

Opening Ceremony

  • Boxing set up £3,000
  • Large screens £2,000
  • AV System £1,000

The rest of the tournament

  • New trophies and engravings £750
  • Physio & sports massage £1,250

If you loved sport at York, or even if sport is something that you took up after you left, then please support us.  In return for your support have some fantastic rewards and your chance to obtain unique goods and experiences. 

We’re delighted that the England Football Manager, Roy Hodgson is opening this years tournament together with Greg Dyke, the University’s Chancellor, and this is your chance to share our passion for Roses and York alongside them both.

The Carter James trophy currently lies across the Pennines in the hands of the Red Rose of Lancashire.  The time is coming to bring it back.

This year, with your help, #RosesAreWhite

You can find out more about Roses via roseslive.co.uk, Facebook or by checking out the 2013 promo video produced by York alumni from the TFTV department - it’s an epic and we can’t wait to see what they produce for us this year! 

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