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One woman and her packet of Compeed walk 25 miles for mental health.

Who aM I?

Fundraiser, dog mum & tea enthusiast. I have also lived with chronic mental ill-health -  particularly during my times at university - and I know first-hand both the current pressures that students are under, and the impact that living with unsupported mental health can have on someone's life. 

What am i doing?

Good question..! I'm walking 25 miles around York in October (OCTOBER!! *sends prayers to the weather Gods*) and I've set myself the challenge of doing this in 9 hours. This is part of #TheGreatYorkWalk, details of which can be found here.

2.7 miles/hour might not seem like a lot, but think about how many blisters I'm going to have by mile 20! 

I love York, I love walking, and I love the idea of transforming mental health at York and beyond for students, staff, alumni, and the local community alike (and I've never walked 25 miles in one go before!), so this seemed like the perfect challenge for me.

Where will the money go?

My walk will be in aid of the Mentally Fit York Fund, which will promote good mental health both at the University and across the City of York. Your support might go towards providing Mental Health Nursing Scholarships, helping to ensure that the NHS is equipped to deal with the increased demand for mental healthcare and that our fantastic MH nursing students don't have to choose between studying and putting food on the table. Or it may be used to fund initiatives such as Mental Health First Aid training for students, as well as research projects looking to further our understanding of mental health issues and the barriers to accessing support services.

If I hit my target, 10 people will be able to receive mental health first aid training or we'll be able to support a Mental Health Nursing Scholar for half a term - please donate the cost of a pint or G&T to help make this happen!

Want to join me on the walk? Sign up here.