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Fame never looked so familiar...

In a materialising new age of artificial intelligence, a desperate singer is entangled in a contract, promising fame and fortunes at the expense of her replicable humanity.

A summary of OUR project

SIM is a thought-provoking dystopian drama that delves into the life of an up-and-coming singer. As she ascends to fame, she unknowingly signs away her humanity and becomes replicated into a clone that is indistinguishable from herself. This gripping narrative explores the intersections of identity, technology, and the erasure of individuality.

Our ambition is to raise £2,500 to fund this explorative original short. Each donation, regardless of size, will bring us a step closer to making our vision for Sim a reality.

This project begins with your support. We invite you to continue reading to discern how you can contribute and what we can offer in return. From exclusive updates to behind-the-scenes access, we have a range of perks for our generous donors. (Check the right side of this page for more information).

We express our sincere gratitude in advance for your support and look forward to taking you along on this exciting journey!


As a passionate group of Film & TV students, we aim to make our mark within the ever-evolving socio-political landscape of the creative industries. Artificial Intelligence, or AI, has never been a more significant topic of discussion. With growing developments amongst a sea of unrest and strikes demanding actors & writers avoid being replaced by AI, we're driven to further explore the profound implications of replacing a human workforce with technology.

After some rocky years at university due to limitations with covid, we are keen to finally be able to work on a group project and foster all our skills and talents together to bring a spotlight to the themes of our drama.


In order to create a visceral experience, we’ll need to raise £2500 to bring our vision to the screen. Help us to achieve this exploration of the near future - any donation is greatly appreciated and if you are unable to donate please share our page across socials! We will be sharing updates of the production as we get ready to shoot!

Below you can find a breakdown of how the budget will be spent:


As you can imagine, artists lead quite the hectic yet free-going lifestyle - your donations will allow us to secure vibrant locations. Showcasing show-stopping performances, bustling club nights and focused rehearsals. Your funds will enable us to shoot in idyllic locations, and bring Sim’s world to life.


Ensuring we retain the hyper-stylised aesthetics of the creative lifestyle - dressing sets akin to the show stopping concert tours, like your favourite artists, will require investment.


To transport our cast, crew and equipment across the city - a portion of the budget will be used to hire a van.


As we’re shooting into the end of winter, warm food and drink will be essential - keeping both our hard-working cast & crew fed throughout production.


Anything can happen on set and we want to make sure we are as prepared as possible! This allocation of the budget is for any and all issues that may arise as well as any excess will be put towards entering film festivals and distribution!


In return for your generosity, there is a wide selection of rewards available across various donation tiers. Check the right side of this page for more information!

To show our appreciation we have a range of rewards whatever the amount you might have! Check them out for exclusive behind the scenes footage and prizes!

WHY THIS story

"Sim is a glittery vessel for debate and discussion. Inspired by the current world we live in where AI is already creating tension, I believe it is essential to highlight the brutal truth behind what could entail if proper legislations and actions are not followed to navigate AI in the creative industries."

- Francesca Greenlees, Director 

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TikTok: @sim.production

Email: simfilmproduction2023@gmail.com


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The more people that can be aware about ‘Sim’ - the better! Any funds you’re able to donate, no matter the amount, would be greatly appreciated even more!

Please donate today and help make our vision come to life!