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Temporary Autonomous Zones

A project by: Jack McNeill



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This project received pledges on Sat 18 Nov 2017
An Exciting Opportunity to Support a New Generation of Artists and Thinkers

An Immersive Performance Installation Reframing Electronic Dance Music and Club Culture

Temporary Autonomous Zones

Temporary Autonomous Zones is an immersive performance installation for 6 performers, 3 DJs and fixed media, imagined by a composer but realised in a collaborative environment.  Essentially we’re asking; how can contemporary dance, theatre, immersive art and critical theory be mapped onto cultural and social factors found in electronic dance music and club cultures? How can we, as a performance, remove labels often associated with  performance structures and blur boundaries between traditional ideas of audience member and performer?

The piece is performed in two spaces - one discursive and sociable and the other completely immersive.  In these spaces, temporary environments and systems are created in which internal politics overtake reality. Using a framework of reactionary mechanisms and techniques rather than solid structures, the piece is transient, built in a moment, and creates social and cultural microclimates, temporary autonomous zones, outside of which the work doesn't exist.

Supporting this piece will give you the unique and exciting opportunity to be a part of something completely original that supports young performers and creatives in pushing the boundaries of experimental performance.

Who am I?

I am a composer, producer and DJ currently completing a PhD in composition at the University of York and Temporary Autonomous Zones is the first large scale piece to be performed as part of my PhD.  However, whilst imagined by myself, this performance will be the result of collaboration between a small group of artists, performers and creative minds all over the UK and Europe who are passionate about bringing something new and exciting to York's cultural landscape.

Where will the money go?

Unfortunately, the production of such a piece is expensive.  However, we have kept costs to an absolute minimum, to allow us to realise a project that we are so passionate about.  We have managed to secure a venue free of charge and the incredibly generous and hardworking team have given up their time, for the time being, on a voluntary basis.

  • If the minimum target is achieved, this will be spent on basic production costs - techincal equipment, publicity, venue decoration, travel and accommodation.
  • If the full target is achieved, it will be spent on further on publicity materials to ensure the longevity of the project beyond the initial performance.  This will allow for financial reimbursement for the performers' time and the promise of the creative development of the piece.  The full target will also allow for a higher production budget that will allow for a more advanced technical set up
  • If we fundraise beyond our target, we will be able to use the extra funds to develop the project into a full tour-able production that will allow us to extend the show beyond York and, with the help of other external funding, take the show to a national audience.
  • We will regularly update the various social media channels of your choice to extend our information and progress to those that are able to donate or that are interested in following what we are up to!
  • Below is a rough break down of where the money is going!
  • Travel and Accommodation: £350 [N.B. People are an expensive resource - our performers are generously giving up their time without reimbursement, however we will need to transport them and accommodate them during the project.  We have budgeted to keep these costs to an absolute minimum whilst looking after our performers fairly.  Any money we are able to save here will be spent carefully elsewhere]
  • AV equipment hire: £170
  • Social media and print publicity: £100
  • Miscellaneous costs (e.g extra cables for when things go wrong(!)): £30


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Every Little Helps

We are well aware that helping crowd fund everything that is sent to you is difficult for most people - that is totally fine!  You can still support this production by sharing our social media channels and this page with your friends, family, colleagues etc...  Any support that we get is extremely valuable, financial or not.  We love to talk about this project.  Ask us questions, get to know what it's all about and tell all your friends!  Of course, if you can help us out with even just a few quid, it will be so valuable in the realisation of this project - every penny counts and helps us to achieve what we are working so hard on!