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The Eviction

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A perfect couple, a perfect house, a perfect evening, shattered by a knock at the door...

In their remote, opulent countryside home, Errol and Iris celebrate their wedding anniversary together. But the unexpected and unwelcome arrival of a guest at their front door abruptly changes the mood: a disturbed Errol has been waiting for this visit for a long time. He frantically tries to persuade the visitor to let him off the hook, and Iris learns her husband’s darkest secrets as their world fractures around them, literally plunging them into darkness. Can they do anything to save the life they have built together?

The Eviction is a visionary science fiction short film, produced by a distinguished team of eight students at the Department of Theatre, Film, and Television at the University of York. Our plans are ambitious: a film that experiments as much with character dynamics and story as it does with unique visual effects and a bold style and score. The script explores relationships, consumerism, artificial intelligence, and how far someone is willing to go to make others believe in their faultless life - even if it is all a lie. A passion project, a chance to use the skills we have learned over three years, and an opportunity to push ourselves in every department: The Eviction now needs your support.


Our crew has worked on dozens of short films, as well as on large-scale professional productions; we are all excited to put our skills to work - and to the test - in The Eviction.

Director - Paul Wace 

Screenwriter - Jack Scully Director of Photography - Taylor Haldane

Production Designer - Yola Kingsbury Editor - Will Fletcher

1st AD - Camille Hatcher Sound Designer - Joe Shaw

The Budget

As The Eviction is such an ambitious project, we are also having to be ambitious with our budget. But as we have come to love York, we want to put something back into the community. That is why we will be sourcing as many resources as we can from local businesses; this will include everything from our locations and catering to our props and costumes.

Here is a small breakdown on how we are planning to spend our budget:

  • Location - £700

The location, a remote and modern countryside house, becomes as much a character in the story as Errol and Iris, and therefore this will take up a large chunk of our budget.

  • Travel - £400

Moving our large amount of camera, lighting and grip equipment from the University to our Yorkshire-based location will require us to hire and insure a small van.

  • Props, costumes and makeup - £400

The production design of the film, from wardrobe to set design, is of paramount importance to us - and this money will allow us to create a convincing and immersive near-future setting.

  • Catering - £300

We will need to feed the cast and crew during the six day shoot.

  • Cast - £300

We will be covering travel and accommodation expenses for actors as well as paying them for their time.

  • Rewards - £100

For you! This small amount is to help us create your rewards for your pledges and get them to you.

  • Contingency money - £300

To cover any additional or unexpected expenses that may arise.

Based on a budget of £2500

Follow the film-making

You can follow us and our growing team as we go into pre-production, filming, and post-production. Our online accounts will be offering behind the scenes looks at what we have been up to as well as sneak peaks at the final film. You can follow us for regular updates on:




Share the story

We know that not everyone can donate to our project but you can still help by sharing our story! Whether you share our story online or in person we can reach so many more people to get involved with ‘The Eviction’ and make the world of Errol and Iris become a reality.

Thank you for your time and support.


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