Walking 25Miles For Mentally Fit York

A project by: Elizabeth Fallon

pledged of £250 target
Join Me In Fundraising Through The Great York Walk!

A short summary of my great York walk!

I'm raising £250 to walk 25 miles for The Great York Walk which will go towards funding amazing mental health initiatives in and around York! The results of sponsoring this walk could help to retain Mental Health Nurses in the NHS, fund an incredible platform that enables students to access life changing support and invest directly into ground breaking research at The University of York. With such awesome results just within reach, you can really make such a huge difference by sponsoring this walk today! 

Who am I?

My name is Elizabeth Fallon and I have signed up to walk the full 25 mile route in hopes of fundraising for Mentally Fit York, I really hope that you can join me on this incredible journey! 

My story

I am a second year Mental Health Nursing student and I know just how important it is to fundraise for Mentally Fit York. Not only through my own experience in Mental Health Nursing, but also as a student fundraiser within the University of York. Many of us throughout our lives may experience difficulty with our mental health, we may have already faced a personal struggle or have loved ones who have. It is so important to not only have the support there when it is needed, but to also overcome the stigmas associated with mental health - and this is what Mentally Fit York is all about!

The lasting impact of completing this walk could be absolutely incredible, however I need your support to achieve this. I myself have donated to this fund in signing up to walk the full route and It would be so fantastic if we could not only achieve our goal of £250 but push through and exceed this!

This is such a worthwhile cause to invest into because it invests directly into the areas that make the most difference in mental health and unlike other charities, 100% of the donations received goes directly towards the fund! 

Being a donor quite literally changes lives. Your generosity of giving to this fund has such a lasting impact and words cannot describe how meaningful your support is to those who are benefited by it. If you become a donor today, you could provide the resources to undertake ground breaking mental health research, you could bring more nurses into the mental health profession, you could even allow free mental health support initiatives to keep running and much, much more.