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The Hidden People

A project by: Lauren Bell


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It takes loss to be found

What is The Hidden People?

When Casper discovers what could be the remains of a dead fairy, he becomes obsessed, much to the contempt of his older brother Liam. As Casper comes within touching distance of his goal he must decide between his innocent fantasies or the reality of brotherhood. We're here today to ask for your help in making this incredible film a reality.

Who are The Hidden People?

We are a group of enthusiastic, talented students from the University of York who are about to embark on our final, biggest and most ambitious project yet! Experience of making this film will go toward helping the team get into a number of sort after masters programmes as well as a chance to break into the film industry.

Where will your money go?

Where will your money go?

This project is ambitious. We're planning to use some amazing, unique techniques that will really bring this story to life.

First is the use of projection mapping to simulate the fairies. When people think about fairies in films they tend to think about CGI style animations. However, we aim to be different and use the practical effect of projection mapping to control the flow of light onto objects such as mushrooms and trees to create an interesting and unique visual experience! (Watch our video to see sneak peaks of this in action)

As the story revolves around the story of the Cottingley fairies; we plan to make the film as Yorkshire based as possible to show our support to the area and its traditions. This will be done by using all Yorkshire based location and actors. Props will also be sourced as much as possible from local businesses. So the money you put in will not only support York based students but it will also be going back into our local community!

I'm sure you're wondering by now where exactly the money will go within this project?

As always a minimum amount will be needed to get the project up and going. However we have big plans for if we hit our maximum target, this includes getting an actual 90s police car on set!

Budget breakdown:

  • Transport to and from locations: £300
  • Catering (7 days): £350
  • Locations: £600
  • Additional equipment: £200
  • Props and costume: £350
  • Actors expenses: £300
  • Rewards: £50
  • Contingency:£250

GRAND TOTAL = £2,400

We understand we are asking for a lot so any way you can help would be amazing. This may simply be a like or share of our page or even a pound or two donation really will go a long way. We also have a number of unique rewards up for grabs, check them out on the side bar!

Come find The Hidden People

We'll keep you updated as often as we can throughout pre-production, production and post production. After all this wouldn't be possible without your funding!

You can follow our exciting journey on the following platforms and don't be scared to contact and interact with us!

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thehiddenpeoplefilm/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thehiddenpeoplefilm/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/_hiddenpeople

Please, help us succeed!

Even if you cannot donate we would love you to share our project with your friends and family after all you are still getting the project out there and talked about.

Thank you, The Hidden People crew

7 months, 1 week ago

Amazing news! In just 8 days you've helped us reach our minimum funding target of £1200! Thank you! We're overwhelmed! Your passion and generosity means The Hidden People can now become a reality, and we can't wait!

However, we want to make this film as great as it can be so our campaign won't stop here. We're going to push for our maximum target and still need your help!

Become a helper of The Hidden People and use your unique link to help spread the word! You'll even get credit for every person that clicks it!

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Ronan and mates Wishing you every success with your project. Hope it's the start of something big and that you won't remain 'hidden people' for too long. Bring on the red carpet

Good luck!!

Good luck Bill and all the crew, xx

Looking forward to seeing the completed film - good luck :)

Donation in memory of Tom Brockenbrow ❤️Xx

Dear Lauren & crew All the best with your project! It looks so interesting and I hope you meet your goals! A very Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you! Much love Claire (from Down Under) xx

Good luck guys, please release the film in Portugal so we can enjoy your hard work.

Good luck to all involved.. can't wait to see the result.!!

Have a great time filming this great looking piece, guys and girls. The Buckley's

Good luck with the project!

Best wishes for the project from Australia! Good on you! Cheers, Erin

Looks like a great project, good luck with it guys!

Good luck!:) x

Good luck Billy Boy xxx

Beyond excited to be able to contribute to this project .... you guys are awesome!!!

Good luck with the film guys! I can't wait to see it x