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To Die For

A project by: Amna Malik


WE RAISED £2,530

from 57 donors

A thrilling comedy inspired by the British bake off created by 3rd year film and television students

when the heat is on, the knives come out

To Die For is a dark comedy / thriller about a woman who enters a televised cooking competition, where she discovers that her fellow contestants will do anything it takes to win the top prize of working alongside the esteemed Chef Rome.

When Michelle enters a television cooking competition, she discovers that her fellow contestants are willing to resort to extreme and deadly measures in order to win.


Hello! From the Crew of To Die For. We are a group of third year university of York film and television production students who want to make a gripping and amazing film for our final year group film project. 

  • Mia Singh Gelling - Writer
  • Alden Mills - Director
  • Josh Micklethwait - Producer
  • Amna Malik - Production Manager
  • Lewis Horden - DOP (Director of Photography)
  • Lizzie Paul - Sound Designer
  • Emily Fincham - Editor
  • Izzy Petersen - Designer

Our story

We're hoping to make a film that is not only entertaining but carries an important message about young people entering into new careers and the pressure they face to succeed. As a group, this message is very important to us because we are all young people seeking an opportunity to prove ourselves in a tumultuous industry. If you donate to our project, you would be helping us present a message felt by all young people, whilst also producing a comedic, dramatic and thrilling short film.

Where will the money go?

  • The minimum amount of money we will raise go towards props, location and Travel
  • If we hit out target, we will be able to supply our film with realistic props, bigger and better locations and being able to provide costumes and set dressing to create the film we desire
  • During our pre-production stage, there will be regular updates on the progress of our film
  • And we have some really cool rewards to give out to our amazing donours as our way to say thank you

Budget planning

  • location costs - £830
  • props and design - £230 (subject to change)
  • Travel and cast expenses - £680
  • Food - £400

(This is a general estimate and money allocation is subject to change)

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Help us succeed!

  • Any donation you are able to make to help us make this film a reality would be much appreciated.
  • We need as many people as possible to be talking about our project so don't forget to share it with everyone you know and share our Instagram too!
  • If  you would like to support us but you don't have the funds, Don't Worry! even sharing this project of ours with other people is still supporting us and we appreciate that so much. So don't forget to share it everywhere.
  • Even donating small amounts go a long way for everyone here in the crew at To Die For
  • As we did state above that you don't have to give money to help us, but we would really appreciate it if you did! 

Thank you for your time and support!