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UYBC Challenge Week

A project by: The University of York Boat Club


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This project received pledges on Sun 19 Apr 2020
4 years, 1 month ago

Thank you!

Over the course of the week, more than 70 of our athletes took part in 14 challenges. Collectively we have traveled more than 2,800 km! 

The support we have received has been absolutely amazing! It was really great to see alumni, families, friends, and current club members pulling together in a common effort for our club. 

We would like to thank everyone who took part in making this week a great success!  

We want you to know that your support has meant a lot to us, it certainly helped our athletes to push themselves through their difficult challenges and it is now getting us closer than ever to our goal.

If you want to read more about the challenges, we keep updating our website with updates and stories from the Challenge Week. 

Once again, thank you.

The Development Officers

4 years, 2 months ago

UYBC challenge week - day 1 recap

First of all, thank you to everyone who has made a pledge so far! This is an amazing motivation for all the athletes that are taking part in the challenge week and we are all so thankful for the support everyone is showing us!

It had been a a fantastic start from our challengers today!

Swiming the lenght of the ouse:

Our novice captains Lily & Tally swam 200 lengths between them followed by some much needed Soreen (a very high calorie malt loaf). Leaving 3,160 to go as they and their team aim to swim the length of the River Ouse.

running 150km

Tom Smith made a dent in his 150km running challenge, running a total of 64km.

45km walk across yorkshire

Senior Man Harry Warren (and his flatmates) completed their 45 miles walk around Yorkshire raising money for Cancer Research along the way.

That’s a total of 141.4 km swam/walked/ran between them!


Senior women Rosalind Booth (One of our lovely Development Officer who has helped organise this week) will be joined by Olivia Rolinson to take on the Yorkshire Three Peaks! The two have woken up at 4:15am and are currently walking.

Senior Women Bennath Halse, Natalie Faiers, and Ellie Gould have started their half marathon of constant swimming at 7am this morning! 

Senior Men Daniel Jones and Charles Biddlecombe have also started their four marathons on the rowing machine in our Boathouse in Fulford! If any of you are around York today feel free to go have a chat with them and show them some much needed support! the pair is also donating a third of the money they will have raised through their go fund me page to Dementia UK

Senior Men James Remer and William White are the first team to undertake the Ouse marathon today. They left our boathouse at 7am this morning and are currently on the river in a double!

Our Senior Women's Captain Anette Gronning is going to take a chunk out of the 1,000km on the bike goal she has given herself, Senior Women Bethany Jones and Maddie Stringer will be doing the same with their 300km on the erg, attempting to row the distance between York and Oxford. The team swimming the length of the Ouse will be back in the pool completing those length in order to reach their goal. Senior Man Tom Smith will put his running shoes back on and complete more of his challenge while senior man Felix Wahlberg will keep on trading for his trade up challenge!

As always follow us on social media for live updates of how everyone is getting on with their challenges!

March 8, 2020

May the UYBC Challenge Week Begin!

After weeks of intense preparation we are finally there! Apprehension is starting to take over as all our challengers realise that there is no backing down. They have set themselves extremely ambitious challenges to prove their passion and dedication for this club. Now they will have to prove themselves.

A total of 15 individual challenges will take place over the course of the week. 18 teams now totalling a number over 70 of our members. That is something that makes us development officers, extremely proud.

We will try our best to share the enthusiasm and determination that our athletes are putting into their challenges throughout the week. We really hope to be able to capture your imagination and show you what The University of York Boat Club is about.

The best way to hear about the challenges as they happen will be to follow us on Instagram as we will be sharing with you everything that our challengers will be doing.

Feel free to message us and share with us throughout the week!