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UYBC rowers do a marathon

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Rowing a marathon to buy a boat for our Women's squad

This September, a group of UYBC athletes will be competing in the Boston Rowing Marathon to raise money for a new Women's Boat. The club has been raising money for the purchase of this boat for over a year, however we still need your support! The club aims to buy a high quality boat that will meet the standards of the Women's Squad, and we are missing just £3000. Additionally, the purchase of this boat will increase the number of Novice rowers we can teach, meaning more students can get into the sport!

Who are UYBC?

The University of York Boat Club (UYBC) is the largest sports club at UoY with more than 200 members, over half of whom are women. Our Women's squads regularly compete at large regional and national events, including the world famous Henley Women's Regatta. Our Alumni have gone on to represent their country with current members on their way to doing the same. We also have a booming Novice programme putting over 100 new people, both students and staff, in boats every year.

Our story

Our senior squads train on the water an average of 7 times a week, and our boats are feeling the strain. We do as much maintenance as possible but realistically if we want to keep up on race day, we need the equipment! Our overall target is £20,000 towards which we have already raised some money through a 24 hour rowathon, through winning the Mars Milk Play Fund competition, cycling the whole length of the country and organizing a Colour Festival during freshers week. However, we still need your help, which brings us to row a marathon...

The details

12 brave members of the women's and men's senior squads steered by 2 coxes will confront themselves with a rowing marathon. These 12 athletes have been training hard all year long, showed us strength both mental and physical. Together with 2 coxes, they are finally ready to accept the challenge to complete a 50 km race. 

How you can help

Of course, the aim of this page is to generate pledges, so any donation would be greatly appreciated, large or small! Thank you!
Of course, there are other ways you can help too!
Spread the word - Share this page on all social media, tell your friends, tell their friends, get everyone involved!
Come and cheer - for the ones who live on the river between Lincoln and Boston, come along the course on Sunday the 18th of September to show us your support

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