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Little Shop of Horrors

A project by: Sophie Shepherd



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This project received pledges on Fri 27 Oct 2017
York Dramasoc's Little Shop of Horrors need your help to make their KILLER production


Little Shop of Horrors will be playing at the Drama Barn for The University of York's Drama Society between the 27th and 29th of October. Dramasoc has a reputation for great productions, and this year is no exception. Both the cast and crew have been working so hard to produce what we know will be a fantastic show.  But there's something missing... we need YOU to make sure our production can be the BEST production it can possibly be!

Our set requires ALOT of plants to kit out our plant shop with flowers and plants galore- AND of course Audrey! Without you and your generous donations our set, props and costumes won't be able to reach their full potential. Not only will your donations make the look of the show so wonderful for our audience, but it gives our performers the chance to work with a complex (built from scratch) set AND a professionally hired man-eating plant.

We have a nine member strong cast performing in three evening performances and one matinee and expect all of our performances to be SOLD OUT (approx. 40 seats)! Many Dramasoc members go on to do fantastic work in the theatre industry after University and the countless shows they do in the society. With your donations we can truly make this a production to remember and be proud of for everyone involved.

meet the team

Director: Joe McNiece In February, Joe directed Anything Goes for the Joseph Rowntree Theatre in York staged with a full orchestra and a huge cast all of which was performed in a giant boat (built from scratch). Evidently, Joe is no stranger to working with big budgets and big demands so you can be assured that any donation you make will be carefully but ambitiously used.

Production Manager: Ruby Sevink-Johnston has worked extensively in both backstage and managerial roles. Working closely with Joe and the rest of the backstage team Ruby Deputy Stage managed Anything Goes, helping to source and make the set and props as well as coordinating the back stage team on show nights. Having worked on both The Mystae and Perplex in the Barn, Ruby is now looking forward to the challenge of what creating a set like Little Shop has to offer.

Producer: Sophie Shepherd Designing and leading a team of set constructors to create a cave for The Mystae she holds the knowledge of how far the space can be pushed, what it's limits are and have much some extra money can make a huge difference.

your money is in safe hands

We hope the experience of our Prod team shows you that your money is going to the right people. Joe, Ruby and Sophie have all had to manage and deal with big budgets whether just for a set or a whole production. Little Shop of Horrors is not only another project to work on but a far more ambitious one. Working in such a small space with huge set demands will be giving an opportunity for both our cast and prod team the chance to learn and push ourselves to see what we really can do.

budget breakdown

  • Hiring Audrey II (the plant)- £700
  • Set buying/ construction- £150/100
  • Costume and Props- £100
  • Posters/P&P- £50

As you can see, our Yustart target doesn't quite cover the costs of what our breakdown suggests. We are also involved in other fundraising activities including our Little Shots for Dollars fundraiser which has already raised us £200.

If we do reach our target please still continue to donate as every extra penny will be able to add a little extra to our Little Shop project whether is set or costume.

Make sure to check out our rewards to see what's in this for you! And if you can't donate there's one other small way that you can support us... buy a ticket and come and see our show! Find us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/DramaSocLSOH/ .

And finally... thank you so much for supporting us, whichever way you decide to do so!