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Last Minute YorkMuN Appeal

A project by: David Rowley



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This project received pledges on Fri 08 Feb 2019
YorkMuN has attracted more attendees than ever before, now help us carry it through

YorkMuN 2019

What is YorkMun?

YorkMuN is a model united nations conference where students are given the opportunity to represent a country in a simulated international body such as the UN Human Rights Council or the International Court of Justice. It not only allows students to substantially improve their public speaking and arguing skills, but to meet people from all over the world (this year our attendees range from a massive York group to a delegation all the way from Ghana). Whilst conferences of this kind can be expensive to attend due to travel and accommodation costs, as this one is hosted in York it provides the opportunity at a much cheaper rate to York students - already using a previous YuStart campaign to raise money to lower the competition fees.

What is this appeal about?

This year, YorkMuN has brought in more students than ever before, attracting delegations from across the world and a huge number of York students. Currently we are looking at 150 attending delegates and many experienced speakers coming as chairs. This has notably risen the cost of the event, as it is more than was originally expected, and we want to make sure that every attendee is given the best possible experience they can have.

Where would money go?

Due to the massive influx in attendees, the money would go towards helping with all the increased costs that we are set to face and ensuring the event can avoid running at a loss, something we would like to avoid if possible.

It's great that YorkMuN has grown as much as it has, but to make this growth sustainable we need your support. Please donate today to help us make YorkMuN 2019 the biggest and best yet.

Thank you!