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The Adventurerists

A project by: Agnes Markarian


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Join Oscar and his whimsical imaginary friend Laurence on a journey into adulthood.
The Adventurerists

When Oscar was 9 he abandoned his imaginary friend Laurence for the girl next door. We rejoin Oscar at 16, now heartbroken and alone, when Laurence pops back into his life to commence a comedic and magical adventure. Can Oscar break free from Laurence and his childhood confines to become the man he desires to be? Or will his imagination get the better of him?

The Adventurerists is a short 15” film and our final year production at the University of York. We hope to spark the childhood imagination in us all and have you laughing out loud as we remember hopelessly battling through teenage years to realise our full potentials through Oscar’s eyes.

Please donate today to help us make our vision a reality.

Meet the Team

We're a group of third year Film and Television Production students, excited to be bringing the story of The Adventurerists to life. Each crew member is uniquely qualified for their respective starred role. Meet the crew:

  • Director: Max Hodgkinson
  • Producer: Agnes Markarian
  • Writer: Elliot Wheatland-Clinch
  • Production Manager/1st Assistant Director: Christine Meldon
  • Director of Photography: Domas Merkliopas
  • Sound Designer: Zac Smith
  • Production Designer: James Smith
  • Editor: Jack Rizzo

We are all extremely passionate about this project and we're looking forward to putting our collective experience to work, but we need your help!

Our Goal and Why We Need Your Help to Achieve It

We want to bring the fantastical nature of a child’s imagination to life on screen, creating a world for both characters and audience to become lost in. The A dventurerists is a coming of age story that shows the joys of arriving at a new stage in ones life, through acknowledging the relevance of our past. We maintain that keeping your inner child alive does not mean you're refusing to grow up! We want to make you smile and laugh like only children can! But we can't make that happen without your help!

Through the use of the skills we have gained in our course in York and the experience achieved during our past work, we want to display the dramatic locations surrounding our story while exploring the complicated relationship Oscar has with himself through Laurence.

Every single donation, no matter how small will help us realize our goal and aid us in our adventure. If you should choose to support The Adventurerists , this is how your money will be spent:

  • Transport to and from locations: £600
  • Locations: £400
  • Catering: £420
  • Props, costume and set design: £250
  • Additional equipment: £330
  • General and administrative: £50
  • Contingency: £200


To show our gratitude for your generosity we have prepared some exclusive rewards. Be sure to have a look, because no matter how small the donation, you will almost certainly be getting something in return!

Be a Part of the Adventure

Throughout production we will be updating our social media accounts to keep you up-to-date on our progress, along with exclusive pictures, news and production details revealed to our followers!

If you would like to know more and kept posted from Oscar’s adventure, do give us a like and follow us here:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Adventurerists/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/adventurerists

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/adventurerists.film/

Get Involved

We understand that sometimes it’s not possible for everyone to donate but if you still want to see us succeed please consider sharing our project to all your family and friends so that we can bring Oscar’s imagination to life and our passion for the story to screen.

Thank you from the entire Adventurerists team.

5 months, 2 weeks ago

we made it!

The Adventurerists has reached its funding target!

We would like to thank all of you who supported us throughout the campaign, all of you, who donated, shared and followed our progress, because you made this possible!

Thanks to your help, we will be able to bring Oscar and Laurence's story to life and rest assured, we will work our hardest to deliver the best film possible!

As a little treat, for anyone who hasn't seen it, here is our poster:


The Adventurerists

6 months ago

Minimum reached

The Adventurerists are excited to announce that the minimum has been reached! And we are over the moon about it! We couldn't thank you enough, all of you, who donated and supported us!!! A very special thanks goes out to the benefactor, who pushed us over the minimum with his generous donation! We got this far, but we still have a way to go! We have only 11 days left to reach our target! Help us make this film the best it can be! Donate and share!


The Adventurerists

6 months, 1 week ago

thank you

What an amazing week it's been! We've just reached the halfway mark to our goal and we couldn't be more grateful for your overwhelming support! A huge thanks to all our sponsors! To show you just how grateful we are, we've prepared something special just for our devoted followers! Keep your eyes peeled on our social media channels over the coming week for some exciting stuff!
Love, The Adventurerists team

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Really excited to see this project come together guys! Such a strong team, love y'all xx

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