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OperaSoc Presents: 'A Little Night Music'

A project by: A Little Night Music Opera Soc

pledged of £800 target

This project did not reach its target.

Completion Date: Mon 11 Dec 2017

The Production

Thinking back how excited George and I felt when we first took on the project in June, I am surprised our passion for A Little Night Music has actually grown. Yet from visiting the venue for the first time, to casting incredible individuals, to high quality and enjoyable rehearsals, A Little Night Music has gained momentum with each passing week. Sondheim’s shows always have incredible scope for creativity and entrancing interpretations, but any production relies on the quality people who get involved, and in this aspect above we have been incredibly fortunate. The cast’s passion, the production team’s enthusiasm and the creative team’s collaborative zeal is what creates a foundation of individual contribution and team immersion. My artistic vision reflects the curiosity people should always inspire in us. I’ve had so much fun working through the characters with my cast, in order to create seemingly effortless dynamics on stage. A Little Night’s Music can be simply enjoyed for its humour and exciting numbers, whilst there are so many rich subtleties and clever inner workings for the audience members who wish to look or listen out for them. The magical quality of the music is reflected in the glistening appeal of Belle Époque aesthetics, one of the most distinctive periods in fashion and the arts. As a young director, I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to develop and refine my style in such high quality and professional conditions with such talented musicians and actors, despite the fact we are all University students.

As a student production, we rely on the public’s, our friends’ and family’s kindness for funds. We are working so hard to ensure that every cent is dedicated to creating something we are incredibly proud to show you. From period costume, to essential set and the basic practicality of showbiz, the funds allow us to share our invaluable experience of A Little Night Music.

A Little Night Music is different from any other Operasoc show because we are performing in a theatre in town, making the society’s music more accessible to York. For me, using a blackbox theatre has been particularly exciting because I have been able to devise set, stage and all aesthetic elements from scratch. The John Cooper Studio is a great space to stage Sondheim, as it provides a modern backdrop for Operasoc. This show has provided a refreshing opportunity to allow students to expand their love of opera to unconventional places.

(Emily Coppola, Director)

Where will the money go?

Your donations will allow our creative vision to truly take shape! We will use your donations to contribute towards our venue, set and costume designs to ensure that they are the best that they can be. If we hit our minimum target of £400, it will be put towards our venue expenses. We have decided to present this show at the John Cooper Studio Theatre in York; however, this does mean a production week rent cost of £780, perhaps a small price to pay for the idyllic performance space it provides.

If we hit our full target, this would go far in covering our costume and set costs, allowing us to engineer a pleasing performance for our audience. This is important, as our set ideas are ambitious but necessary in creating an immersive experience for our spectators throughout the production. We have had some successful fundraisers recently, which have really contributed toward some of our costs, however, we need your help to allow our telling of this Sondheim classic to take flight.

Budget Breakdown:

•          Rent of Venue - £780

•          Set - £100

•          Costume - £250

•          Props - £40

•          Advertising - £72


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Come and watch us perform!

We would love for as many people as possible to be able to come and see our magical show, so please make a note in your diaries!

30th November - 2nd December at 7.30

John Cooper Studios, 41 Monkgate, York, YO31 7PB

And Finally

You don't just need to give money to help us succeed (although we would be extremely grateful if you do!). Please share our project with anyone you think may be interested online or in person. The more people who know about us, the more likely it is that the show will be something really special.