Amy's Marathon Month for Mentally Fit York

A project by: Amy Neal



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I am taking part in York Marathon Month for Mentally Fit York

A short summary 

To continue my running journey I've decided to take on York Marathon Month running 26.2 miles or more over October, and due to running having such a positive effect on my own mental health I am raising money for Mentally Fit York, the University's fund to improve mental health in the University and community. 

Who are you?

I began running for my fitness at the start of University, and since realising the impact it has had on my well-being I have decided to continue on to running my first 10k at the end of this month in preparation for longer runs next year!

Mentally fit york

Mentally Fit York is a University fund with the ambition to develop new preventative techniques to reduce the growing mental health cases experienced by the community and beyond. The money raised goes towards mental health platforms and mental health initiatives in the community. 

Find us here

I'll be uploading my weekly runs and kilometre total at the end of each week on Facebook on Sundays with my final ten kilometre run on the 31st of October. I'm hoping that the times it takes me to do these runs will motivate other beginners as I am by no means fast! 

Help us succeed!

If you can sponsor me for this great mental health fund that's amazing!

Alternatively sharing my project with others is also a great help!

Thanks and check out my Facebook on the 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th and 31st for my Strava runs for the week :)