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A Wonderful Citizen

A project by: Lavinia Micheletti

pledged of £2,500 target
When Gaz throws his 50th birthday party, he invites a reporter, Allen, to interview him.

A short summary of your project

Hello!! We are trying to raise 2500 GBP to help fund our Short Film, A Wonderful Citizen, for our Masters' final project. Your generosity will greatly aid in our attempt to create an entertaining story about Gaz. Gaz, a narcissistic pathological lair, is throwing a party to celebrate his 50th birthday and his early retirement. He has invited a reporter, Allen, to do a profile on him to celebrate his life-long achievements. But, little does Allen know that there is more going on behind the scenes. This leaves Gaz finding himself juggling a secret torture, whilst trying to keep his public image intact. 

Who are you?

Lavinia Micheletti, the producer, and Tom Greenwood, the writer and director of this project, are the core base of this project, both on the way to completing their Masters in Film at the University of York. Both of us are very interested in experimental and distinctive artistic expression within film. We enjoy seeing what happens when you approach unique stories about unusual people and circumstances with equally different filming styles.  

Our story

We are hoping that with your donations, we can provide our viewers with a special satirical insight into the working class of Northern England. In our aim to achieve this goal, we are confident that the film can reflect a rarely seen sub-class of British lifestyle, as we shine a light on life in the council estate in Lupset, Wakefield, England. 

Where will the money go?

Your donations will help us bring our story to life, allowing us to convey the authentic nature council estate livelihood. Donations will also aim to cover basic expenses such as transportation and accommodation costs, and other logistical fees. Although we are a production working under the University of York, we are still operating as an independent project. Your support of independent film will be highly appreciated, regardless of the amount! 


As we are so happy to have you participate, we will have a few rewards for you!

Find us here

You can follow the journey of this production on Instagram at @a_wonderful_citizen_film, or by clicking on the link: https://www.instagram.com/a_wonderful_citizen_film/

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We would be more than grateful if you would be able to spread the news, and send this page to whomever would find our project interesting! And Thank you!