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Britcare is a short satirical drama which explores the world of public healthcare in a post-Brexit Britain should we lose the NHS.

It is a world of politicians manipulating the system for their own power, where care is minimal and facilities are outrageously poor. It is a world we can only create with your donations.

2025: Richard Richardson, the new Minister for Health, is about to open up the first Britcare facility to the press. He takes some bullish encouragement from his superior and leads a select group of journalists on a journey that will push him to question everything about his new system.

Through rooms of drunken men with dartboards that decide the next transplant, IV bags of drain-unblocker and a palliative care ward run by a doctor who can’t be trusted, the journalists see the reality of Britcare.

Richardson is confronted with the past which spins him into a crisis about his future, leading him to face the life and death consequences of the budget cuts he’s induced.

Who are we?

We are a group of 8 Film and Television Production students in our final year at the University of York, hoping to create an ambitious project we can proudly put our name on. Ambition comes at a cost, however, so we need you to get involved to help Britcare move from the ward to the screen. Your kind donations will help us succeed!

Where will your money go?

Britcare’s story centres around budget cuts, but we need the funds to make our film possible. Every penny of the money you donate will go towards creating the haunting and surreal environment of the Britcare Hospital. 

We have managed to secure some fantastic locations to shoot in, however we also have plans to build the set of the darkest scene in Britcare: The Hospitals Morgue. But building sets can be expensive and only with your generosity will we be able to make our vision happen.

Additionally, Britcare is a large scale film with a large scale cast, and a well fed and watered cast and crew is essential for a smooth production.We know it’s not always possible to donate lots of money, but even the smallest donations of £1 add up to make a difference. 

Budget Breakdown:

  • Props and Production Design £800
  • Costume £400
  • Makeup £200
  • Catering £500
  • Actors £200
  • Travel £150
  • Contingency £250

    (based on a budget of £2500) 


Your role doesn't stop there! You can also be a big help by sharing our project around with anyone you can! We'll be posting lots of updates and behind the scenes content on our social media through the next few months, so be sure to give us a follow to find out how we're doing: