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Two men attempt to flee everything they know and make a new life in this short student film

Who are we and what is cargo? 

Hello! We are a film crew from The University of York's prestigious Theatre, Film and Television department, and Cargo is our final year film! It will be the culmination of what we have learnt in the two and a half years we've been studying at York, and your help will give us an opportunity to show off our skills to industry professionals as we head out into the big bad media industry. Check out our showreel above to see a selection of our previous work.


Cargo is a short, 15 minute drama film. It follows the journey of two Syrian immigrants as they attempt to smuggle themselves into the UK. Nazim is a rebel supporter looking to escape the violence of the civil war in his home land and make a new life for himself. Sayid is an older man with only one wish; to deliver a precious gift to his only granddaughter. The tempestuous journey has put their lives in grave danger, but the pair have finally managed to make it into the back of a lorry travelling through France. All they want is merely hours away. But the arrival of Hamad, a Syrian doctor loyal to the Assad regime, sparks unrest in the group - could this be the end of their journey? 

The TeaM
Our creative team is comprised of nine final year film and television production students, who have collectively had short films screened at Raindance, Aesthetica and LUMA Film Festivals as well as the RTS Yorkshire Student Awards. With Cargo, we want to move onwards and upwards, combining our collective knowledge and expertise to deliver the best story, drama and production value for our audience. 

Why do we need your help?

As you may know, film-making is an expensive business where a little costs a lot! We are lucky enough to have access to state of the art equipment and facilities at the TFTV department, but other costs do mount up. Our talented Production Designer is creating a set from scratch, meaning that big portions of the budget will go towards design and building materials. Our other big costs will be transport and accommodation for our three main actors, and providing food and refreshments during the 7 day shooting period.

Together we have already pooled as much money as we can, but we still need your help to make this project happen. 

This preliminary budget sets out our costs, so you can see where your money is going if you donate to us: 

  • Travel and Accommodation for 3 actors (7 nights): £650.00
  • Set Design, Props and Costume: £300.00
  • Make-up/Hair: £100.00
  • Catering: £300.00
  • Other expenses, including DVD/Blu-Ray finishing, publicity etc: £200.00
  • Publicity, rewards, postage/fees: £240.00
  • Contingency of 20%: £358.00


What do you get in return? 

We know that just a thank you isn't always enough! Each sponsor will receive a reward from us depending on how much you donate. Donations of any amount are welcome and hugely appreciated.

Help us succeed!

We know that not everyone can donate to us, but if you want to help us succeed in a different way, please consider following us on social media, and share our project who anyone who you think might be able to help make our dream become a reality! 

Thank you, from the whole cargo team!