Charlie Jeffery runs the Yorkshire 10 Mile

A project by: Elke Versmessen



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Running 10 miles to support under-represented students with the York Opportunity Scholarship

Please support me!

I'm running the Yorkshire 10 Mile on 20 October in aid of the York Opportunity Scholarships. The Scholarship scheme is set up to recognise the immense barriers to higher education that some face. This is something that I'm personally passionate about. As I highlighted in my inaugural speech, I'm committed to widening access to higher education at York, and this scholarship helps to contribute to that aim.

Please support me by donating anything you can in aid of this cause. I support this cause by giving to it, and I hope you can join me in doing so by supporting my run.

About the York Opportunity Scholarship

The York Opportunity Scholarships provide a recognition of the resilience and tenacity that students from underrepresented backgrounds show in their determination to come to university, even when everything is stacked against them. The £3,300 award, spread over three years of undergraduate study, provides students with some financial support to aid their transition into higher education and to ensure that they are able to access the same opportunities as their peers.